Stronger ties with US is the way forward

Stronger ties with US is the way forward

SINCE she became President last year, President Samia Suluhu Hassan has maintained the need to open up the country and build good relations with other countries for benefits of all.

The Head of State is now in the United States (US) where she met with the US Vice-President, Harris Kamala in Washington, and both leaders pledged stronger tie between the two nations.

President Samia’s visit to the US has already generated nearly one billion US dollars (2.3tri/-) in new investments to Tanzania.  This was revealed by Kamala on Friday when she met with President Samia at the White House.

This is good news to Tanzanians, as the investments mean more employment as well as generation of more income to Tanzanians. The two expressed mutual interests for the two nations to propel stronger ties in areas of investment, economic growth and health.

It is important to have good relations between countries, as cultural relations build trust, understanding and mutually beneficial relationships between different nations by engaging people through the most attractive cultural assets of each country, whether in the investment, health, arts, education, language, heritage, sports, science or cuisine.

That is the way forward for Tanzania and the President is taking the right move, cementing her ambition for economic diplomacy, something she has been stressing since ascending to the highest office of the land.

The US private sector has been invited to work with Tanzania, given that the latter has plenty of opportunities for investment, trade and business. Already President Samia has assured the US that the Tanzanian government in close collaboration with the private sector has put in place better conditions and a favourable environment for the private sector to strive.

Tanzania and the US enjoy good bilateral relations and one can easily reflect the long and fruitful partnership between the two countries. It is also timely that the Government of Tanzania in collaboration with the private sector is in the process of enacting the Tanzania Private Sector Act.

The Act is expected to set the tone for creating safe landing for private sector.  The US government should tap the opportunity by encouraging the private sector to come to Tanzania since there is a lot of potential.

For long time, the US has been in continued support of Tanzania on health and social economic development in uplifting the lives of many Tanzanians and there is no doubt after the pledge for stronger ties, it will continue to do so and its private sector invest in Tanzania.

Bilateral agreements increase trade between two countries. They open markets to successful industries. As companies benefit, they add jobs. The country's consumers also benefit from lower costs.

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