Frequent road safety campaigns solution to road accidents

Frequent road safety campaigns solution to road accidents

EVERY day children, young people or generally the public interact with the road and traffic system either as a passenger, pedestrian, cyclist or driver, and this answers well why their safety must come first as they step on the roads.

To realize this, road safety education in schools, should be something that is continuous and in the general public to prepare and equip this vulnerable road user group with the knowledge, skills and positive attitudes that will enable them to stay safe.

It should be reinforced, because road safety education plays a vital role in shaping the attitude and behavior of children as well as young people, thereby ensuring that they become a responsible driver, passenger, pedestrian, and cyclist.

While in some countries, road safety education is considered as a necessary education. It will be better, if local children are thoroughly provided with basic road safety education right from childhood into their primary and secondary school educations. This can also be done locally by parents in many interesting ways.

You can create a traffic environment for your children, allow them to ride their own bikes or scooters and learn the rules of the road.

Also, you can organize classes taken by police officials to make your children be aware of basic road safety rules. Some parents may take this as a waste of time and unnecessary only to regret when an accident occurs, hence, with this in mind, road safety education should be part and parcel of institutions’ curriculum.

When taught road safety in tender ages, children will get an overall idea about the principles of crossing roads, importance of helmets, how to use zebra crossings and awareness of basic safety rules.

Through this education, they will be provided with knowledge and awareness about the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and passengers Education on student road safety can encourage children to take necessary action that will make them safe, secure and thereby help them to have awareness about road safety.

Though many people will portion blames to motorists and cyclists for overtaking, ignoring zebra signs, alcohol consumption as well as over speeding, the best way is for the public to also study psychology of drivers on the roads, before going for what the law requires.

Equally, drivers and motorcyclists through various means/media, including visiting bus and bodaboda stations, they should be educated on the importance of being keen and observing the law while driving.

Once the public and motorists are thoroughly educated on road safety and rules, the number of traffic police officers will be reduced.

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