Be vigilant in talent scout, the league season tells it all

Be vigilant in talent scout, the league season tells it all

IT should go as a big lesson to the football fraternity when one sees the NBC Premier League standings and the race for the golden boot as clear indications that teams that invested heavily in recruiting quality players are the ones commanding the run.

The NBC Premier League at its halfway looks tough and highly competitive as most of the players in the teams looked well drilled for the fierce battle and as it stands today, Young Africans, Simba, Namungo, Azam and Mbeya City are the top five though their going was not easy at all.

Geita Gold, who are now placed 8th on the log, have improved much in the second round and they look to be the best beneficiaries of the January mini-transfer window.

The ongoing league has been quite motivating to see home-based players dominating the run as opposed to the past when players from the rest of Africa dominated the golden boot race.

Having Namungo’s Reliant Lusajo racing far ahead of the traditional scorers such as John Bocco and Medie Kagere, gives a picture that homegrown stars should not be ignored as they can do better if they get good guidance.

This should not be taken as the top flight league affair, since from what we have seen, The Championship and First leagues have also become very tough due to the increase in professional awareness.

Local players and coaches should take this as a positive note because it means the market for the home-based players has grown up after seeing just a few cases of signed deals that involve foreign imports.

Opting for the home-grown players means either our players’ class has gone up or the country has enough players for its top flight league.

From what we have seen in the ongoing season, professionalism has made a drastic improvement in terms of playing, promotion and competitiveness, something we hope to be further polished in the coming season with sponsors like Azam Sports spearheading all what you see as success.

We take this opportunity to call for vigilance in recruiting players and coaches as we expect every team to fight hard so as to avoid relegation.

We expect to see a lot from the league’s surprise packages such as Geita Gold, Mbeya City, Namungo and Polisi Tanzania who seem to be full winged for a hectic league season.

We call all clubs to to engage their technical sections to follow the progress of their players to ensure they deliver.

Those aspiring to be future global stars should clearly know that by serving their clubs well they will be exposed to the big clubs at both continental and global levels.

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