Promoting gender equality for national development

Promoting gender equality for national development

AS the world marked the International Women’s Day on Tuesday, Tanzania marked a sharp change in gender inequality, with more women assuming top leadership positions as well as owning land and other properties.

President Samia Suluhu Hassan and the Minister of Lands and Human Settlement Development, Ms Angeline Mabula talked of the feats Tanzania has achieved in different areas, including land ownership and land dispute settlements.

Reforms undertaken, including in the sixth phase government under President Samia have lifted women’s welfare. Some of the efforts sought to empower the country’s women include guaranteeing.

It is a known fact that in the past women were restricted from owning land until the amendments of the Land Act No. 5 of 1999. It was from that time women started to enjoy the right, instead of living it to most men.

Statics show that women owners of land increased to 25 per cent in 2017, up from a mere nine per cent way back in 2014 and the number might increase substantively in the near future.

We commend this as the move is in line with the aim of the government to promote gender equality, something that is important as it is vital for national development, as it puts women at the same rank with men in terms of owning land and other properties as well as work and leadership roles.

Equality sets a base for development because it saves lives. With the absence of equality it meant that women were oppressed, in some circumstances were beaten and even killed. Because of their lack of empowerment and resources in many places, women and girls faced life-threatening risks.

Bringing a gender perspective into discussions allows women to play a bigger role in their own protection. It results in better healthcare and hence a robust foundation for development of women and families and the nation generally.

When women receive the same education and job opportunities as men, they can improve any organization they join.

Studies show that diversity of all types (gender, race, sexual identity, etc) increases an organization’s productivity and innovation. Generally gender equality with increasing women’s participation in the economy is good for the economy and it would increase the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

When women make their own reproductive choices, they provide better care for the children they do have. With income options equal to men, mothers can offer education, healthcare, and healthier food to their children. Poverty rates are the highest among young girls.

As boys and girls get older, the gender gap in poverty gets larger. This is likely because girls don’t receive the same education and job opportunities as boys, and when girls marry, they often did not work. Now they stand a better position to reduce poverty.

We see boxing glorious era coming back

COMBINED efforts are needed to ...

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