Humans should conserve  mother earth at any cost

Humans should conserve mother earth at any cost

NATURE is bleeding; it is not as it used to be before human hands started reforming its natural formation through daily activities that hinder the progress of its preservation.

Increase in global warming, desertification, rise in coastal sea levels all these are results of extreme human behavior such as cutting down of trees mining activities and industrialization cause massive changes on mother nature.

We are surrounded by waste that we produce ourselves from the demands of our daily consumption, to feed our greed and desire for development. We are progressing in developing activities that create employment to the mass population but we the same progress is affecting our surroundings.

A proper example is the waste we that comes emerges as gas on the atmosphere caused by industrial gases and running machines that use fuel to run such as cars and other engine we employ on our daily lives to facilitate our lives.

From 2010, Environmental Protection Agency green house Gas Reporting Program has been collecting annual emissions data from industrial sources that directly emit large amounts of greenhouse gases.

Generally, facilities that emit more than 25,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents per year are required to report. This amount of gas emitted directly affects human through various ways where as they hit the ozone layer they change its mechanism of protection from harmful cosmic rays and direct sunlight that is not proper for sustainability.

Rays that penetrate the ozone layer bring along direct impacts where the foremost impact is increasing temperature that generally leads to a lot more disaster than we can imagine.

Melting of ice in the arctic that affect the ecosystems of the area, Washington post reports nearly 1.2trillion tones of ice melt each year estimating that the melting process can lead to an increase of about 16 inches of sea level by the year 2100.

It might seem like a long time to come, but that is the future that our generations will encounter if we don’t take measures. These sea levels increase may affect massively coastal areas where the land will be overtaken by massive increase of water levels that are a result of intensive ice melting caused by global warming.

Global warming does not only affect the arctic areas but also it is another cause of famine and food shortage in many areas as lands that are supposed to be used for productivity dry up and encounter scarcity of water that facilitate agriculture.

This is the reason why human race faces hunger in areas where temperature in high since the productive Lands are dried up and are left barren as water is no longer enough to hold the agricultural activities of the areas.

As it is increasing the sea level, global warming also affects the amount of moist in main land as a result the main land areas dry up causing stagnation of production activities such as agriculture which slowly starts affecting the food supply chain. We have encountered enough evidence to support global warming effects caused by environmental pollution through green house gases.

Tanzania has faced shortage of water and power due to environmental factors that affected the amount of water supply throughout the country , these were all due to a change that occurred in water levels where a slight decrease caused the mass shortage of essential services.

Comprehending the slow changes and effects caused by global warming which is a result of climate change should a center of human interest since this concept has impact on our surroundings.

Understanding the effects of these changes will help human combat the global outcomes of this disaster. But making sure that we put proper measures to control these changes should start by telling the mass on the direct effects of this disaster. This can be through educative reach outs that should be provided to the society emphasizing on the mass effects of this whole thing.

The mass needs to know that the recent problems we are facing are a trailer to the massive problems we will face in the coming years which will be determined by our current action. Not thinking of the effects it has on us might be okay but not thinking of the future that we are creating for our generations is a great form of selfishness.

We are erasing the legacy we have to preserver for the coming generation ourselves ,we create problems for ourselves and keep blaming each other on the effects instead of resolving the dispute.

Nations are too are too quick to invest in war machines that in protecting the environment , we are protecting each other from one another rather than facing the common enemy and fight it. As long life exists on earth, the planet need to be preserved by the host.

Authorities of different nations need to put emphasize on its people on the importance of ensuring a safe environment for the people because with this trend some days human may face extinction of various form of life and perhaps witness an emergence of much more unfriendly organism or disasters such as pandemics.


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