Experts salute TeIW phase one process

Experts salute TeIW phase one process

Leaders of 12 agencies tasked to smoothen investment process yesterday praised local experts working on phase one of the establishment of the Tanzania Electronic Investment Window (TeIW).

The government believes TeIW will be a panacea for hitches besetting the investment process right from receiving applications to issuance of investment registration numbers and permits.

The software is being established in phases. Phase one is scheduled to be completed on February 28th this year.  As of yesterday, the leaders were told work had been completed by 42 per cent.

Speaking on behalf of leaders of the 12 agencies after seeing the work being done by the experts, the TIC Executive Director, Dr Maduhu Kazi praised the experts, saying the leaders are happy with the progress of work.

“We are satisfied and happy with the progress of work, and we encourage our experts to sustain the tempo. We are battling to set up the TeIW because it is an online solution to erstwhile nagging impediments in the investment process. The TeIW will improve the flow of information from all 12 agencies to the One Stop Facilitation Centre (OSFC),” he explained.

The agencies in the OSFC are TIC, BRELA, TRA, Labour, Land, Immigration, TMDA, OSHA,TBS, TANESCO, NIDA and NEMC.

Dr Kazi told journalists who accompanied the leaders during the site inspection of the software build-up that impressive improvements in the investment process have already been made, explaining that the OSFC has been behind those improvements.

He said he is very optimistic. “In future, the investment process will be as flawless as it can be possibly achieved because of the efforts the government is putting in this undertaking,” he explained.

Dr Kazi said the idea behind the OSFC is to have a faultless investment process as much as possible. “We are serious about this because once we have the TeIW in place, the flow of information from agencies to OSFC will be accurate and fast, enabling us to address quickly the challenges investors often talk about,” he explained.

On Wednesday, Dr Kazi said leaders of the OSFC will visit investment projects cleared by the TIC to appraise progress and give investors opportunities to air their comments on the investment and business environment.

Dr Kazi made this promise after chairing a meeting of the leaders in the Prime Minister’s Office in Dodoma.

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Author:  DAILY NEWS Reporter in Morogoro

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