State: Enough is enough

State: Enough is enough

Dr Mpango vowed that the State would no longer tolerate such brutal killings to continue occuring in the community.

In line with this, he issued a seven-day ultimatum to Dodoma regional defense and security committee to ensure they complete investigations and compile a report over the killing of five family members in Zanka village in the region and submit it to President Samia Suluhu Hassan.

“The increasing acts of killings are unacceptable. Manhunt of the culprits must be intensified so that they appear before the law for appro- priate legal action,” the vividly riled VP ordered.

“The police force must do their assignment well, we want to be safe while enjoying peace and tranquility, these murder incidents must come to an end, President Samia is dismayed by the trend,” he insisted.

Some of latest other incidents include brutal killings which occurred in Tabata Segera, Dar es Salaam Region, where a 30-year-old woman was murdered on infidelity reated claims.

Meanwhile, police in Rukwa Region, on Wednesday arrested a young man for brutally murdering an eight months preg- nant mother (24) and her two children.

The man alleged that he committed the crime, slaughtering three family members, because he was owing a slain woman two sacks of maize valued at 100,000/-.

There were also other recent incidents of such killings reported in other regions including Mwanza, Arusha, and Mtwara.

“We cannot move this way as a nation, we are not ready to lead a nation in which brutal killings are becoming rampant, Inspector General of Police (IGP) must ensure that the force controls the situation,” Dr Mpango stressed.

He also called upon the religious leaders to use their platforms to instill the sense of love, peace and love amongst their followers as another way of addressing the problem.

Dr Mpango also underscored the need for village, ward leaders, and members of the community to be watchful and be in charge of what is occurring in their places as far as crimes are concerned.

Vice-President Mpango expressed dismay over the death of five family members in Zanka village where family members were brutally murdered by unknown people and their bodies left inside the house for three days, saying the situation showed a decline of value of neighborhood in the communi- ties.

Dr Mpango also underscored the need for hosting regular village meetings, at which any guest must be reported to responsible local authorities and in case of conflicts or cases, traditional leaders should effectively carry out their duties.

During his visit to Zanka, Dr Mpango donated some funds to the family of the late Hosea Kapande, who lost a wife, two children and a grandchild.

He presented the donation on be- half of President Samia.

Earlier on Wednesday, Dr Mpango met with Tanzania ambas- sadors to Brazil, Israel, Kuwait, Russia and Democratic Republic of Congo and asked them to be patriotic and efficient and always put national interest ahead.

He reminded the ambassadors to cement bi-lateral ties and pursue economic diploma- cy in their work stations.

Dr Mpango implored the envoys to be guided by the national priorities and agenda, including the 2020 CCM’s election manifesto and the Five-Year National Development Plan when looking for investors.

The VP said it was important for the ambassadors to develop special interests and learn how the countries they are attached to managed economic growth and bring the knowledge back home.

He also insisted on joint venture investments in an effort to strengthen the industrial sector through the use of friendly technology which can be ap- plicable in the country for a vibrant sector as well soliciting markets for the local manufactured goods and tourism attractions.

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Author: NELLY MTEMA in Dodoma

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