TBS counsels milk processors on standards

TBS counsels milk processors on standards

TANZANIA Bureau of Standards (TBS) has underscored the need for milk processors to raise the quality of their products to meet the required standards in the domestic and external market.

The TBS Northern Zone Manager, Ms Happy Kanyeka said during a training to milk processors in Hai district, Kilimanjaro region that equipping them with rules on milk processing was important in protecting consumers’ health and penetrating in the wider market.

TBS has been conducting training to milk processors in Manyara region, Arumeru district in Arusha region and Haidistrict.The training was held from January 17 to 25, targeting entrepreneurs in the milk value chain, including raw milk collection, transporting and processing of milk and its products.

“The training aimed to equip small scale entrepreneurs in the milk value chain who process and sell milk products in the market without following the required procedures,” she said.

Lack of knowledge on standard procedures, she noted, has been one of the factors for the presence of low quality products as well as losses of raw milk in the market.

 “Some milk processors have started the process of certifying their products with TBS, but lack of knowledge on how to acquire the certification hampered their efforts to meet the required standards,” she added.

Ms Kanyika said entrepreneurs in Kiteto, Arumeru and Hai districts are among the big livestock keepers, milk producers and processors in the country.  

She said the training focused on areas dedicated to livestock keeping, milk processing and distribution, supporting the government’s quest to promote industrialisation in the country.

The training was thus aimed to equip milk processors raise the quality of their products to meet the required standards.

In ensuring that the training meet the goals set up, TBS collaborated with Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO), Tanzania Dairy Board (TDB), President's Office, Regional Administration and Local Government including health, livestock, business and community development officials.

Speaking at the opening of the training, Hai District Commissioner, Mr Said Irando, urged milk processors to raise quality of their products.

“All stakeholders in the milk industry should take it seriously; to raise and maintain the quality and standard of milk products as a way to participate actively in building the country’s economy,” he said.

He noted that for the country reaching the middle-income status is a catalyst for working even harder to make sure the economy grows and its trickledown effect is felt in the whole society.

He urged TBS to make the training a sustainable programme and reach more entrepreneurs in the district council to raise the quality and standards of goods.

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