TASAC told to enhance surveillance in water transport

TASAC told to enhance surveillance in water transport

DEPUTY Minister of Works and Transport, Mr Atupele Mwakibete has directed the Tanzania Shipping Agencies Corporation (TASAC) to widen its control and management of activities taking place in water transportation and help the government earn more revenue.

At the same time, he advised TASAC to expedite the completion of the database system of all registered marine vessels, including vessels operating in the ocean, rivers and lakes throughout the country.

He observed that the government has been missing out on revenue arising in river transportation activities, for there is no inspection by the authorities like TASACthat are mandated to identify vessels and people using those waterways.

"Most of the areas where TASAC has water transporting vessels registered are in the ocean and lakes. Rivers in the country connect different places and hence have a unique importance in transportation activities, but they are left to go unmonitored and uncontrolled," said Mwakibete recently.

The minister advised TASAC to embark on an online system that would enable them to interact with other public institutions and other maritime stakeholders, such as Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA), Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) and others to facilitate operational efficiency.

He said that amidst controlling waterways transportationan activity in the country, TASAC ought to firmly observe safety mechanisms and avoid accidents that occur in lakes.

He said that there is a need for Tasac to conduct a survey on the causes of deadly sea vessels accidents and provide appropriate education among stakeholders to end the situation.

"TASAC is already doing a very good job. You can still improve even further by visiting others who are doing well by learning the techniques and strategies they use to achieve their goals," added Mwakibete.

Earlier, TASAC Chief Executive Officer, Mr Kaimu Abdi Mkeyenge told the minister that his corporation has continued to receive license applications and applications of stakeholders who meet the criteria for providing TASAC-controlled services are issued with.

He said that his corporation has continued to issue licenses to water transporters and shipping stakeholders.

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