CPB opens grain centres in Juba, Lubumbashi

CPB opens grain centres in Juba, Lubumbashi

The Tanzania Cereals and Other Produce Board (CPB) have opened grain centres in Juba South Sudan and Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where various products are being traded.

The CPB Director General, Dr Anselim Moshi told Daily News that the stations started to operate in December last year.

The DG said they have been already delivered 800 tons of grains to the two centres including maize flour, wheat flour, rice and beans; 300 tonnes in Juba and 500 tonnes in Lubumbashi. 

"We planned to open warehouses in Kenya, DRC and Sudan. So far we have opened two centres where various products are sold and the process of opening other centre in Nairobi is going on,” said Dr Moshi.

He said CPB will continue to find markets locally and abroad to enable Tanzanian farmers and traders get good markets for their products.

"Access to markets motivates farmers to increase production. Farmers and traders will benefit from agriculture and therefore encourage more people to enter the agriculture sector and thus increasing the sector’s contributions to the DGP," said Dr Moshi.

Dr Moshi said since they have reliable local and foreign markets for various crops, no farmer will suffer losses as long as they grow modern seeds and follow advises given by agriculture experts.

Dr Moshi said CPB had sold 12,360 tonnes to various stakeholders in the country.

He said the exercise is ongoing to ensure that all regions and stakeholders in need of maize are provided with the service so that they can achieve their target of selling 164,000 tonnes.

However Dr Moshi said the domestic grain market was self-sufficient but currently the demand for maize was higher than the availability of the product. In some areas prices had shoot up.

He said after sellers felt that there would be a shortage of maize in the next season due to unfavourable weather, so they decided to stockpile the grain.

In addition, CPB, due to lack of maize and cash flow, has so far managed to buy only 58,000 tonnes of maize and other grains. He said the procurement of grain and other crops is ongoing.

The CPB planned to purchase 420,000 tons of maize for the year 2021/22, which will cost about 200bn/- of the given market price.

They were well prepared to buy more grain as the grain markets were within the country and abroad.

Dr Moshi said they found markets abroad to sell various crops including maize, sunflower, rice, wheat, white sorghum and soybean.

Dr Moshi said they will continue to buy other crops and that the board has managed to buy all the wheat grown by the farmers for their wheat processing factory in Arusha.

Dr Moshi said the board buys maize anywhere for anyone at the market price, since they are doing business they are free to buy maize anywhere and by selling it at a price that will give them a profit.

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