Samia calls for cultural preservation

Samia calls for cultural preservation

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has called on parents to pass through cultural values to their children since they are vital in preserving the value of the nation for the future generation.

President Suluhu said during the official launch of the inaugural Kilimanjaro Cultural Festival at Ushirika College ground in Moshi Kilimanjaro on Saturday.

During the launch of the unique cultural festival various cultural groups across the region had a chance to showcase their heritage.

Among them were varieties of cuisines and tribal dances.  

President Samia, who is officially called Chief Hangaya, said that she was delighted to see the young boys and girls performing traditional dances alongside their parents and grandparents, a situation she said gives her the sign that regional heritage has been passed among the generation for the future of the entire Tanzanian society.

“I have seen traditional dances of Chagga, Pare and Maasai tribes and what is exciting me the most is to see young children  perform the traditional dances alongside their parents and grandparents.

“My call to you is to keep on teaching the children about their culture and traditional dances as their heritage and it is where the future of any society rests,” the President said.

President Samia also commended the organisers  for preparing the festival to the great success saying that prior to coming into the stadium she had the chance to pass through three exhibition pavilions where she learned the history of Chagga, Pare and Maasai tribes.

“I would like to commend the leaders of Kilimanjaro region in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Sports for their good job in preparing this festival; indeed the festival was full of thrilling things and a pleasure to watch,” President Samia said.

President Samia is also known as Chief Hangaya, the chiefdom she was crowned by tribal chiefs during Mwanza Cultural Festival last year.

In a bid to give weight to the cultural issues, President Samia has decided to form an independent ministry focusing on culture, arts and all sports matters due to its importance in protecting Tanzanian heritage despite being a source of income, employment and revenue.

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