Online court services record success

Online court services record success

THE Judiciary has recorded tremendous achievements through online court services which have proved to be effective in many ways including saving time, money and resources.

Coast Region’s Resident Magistrate Ms Joyce Mkhoi said yesterday when commenting on this year's Legal Week, saying the government has taken efforts to improving court services, reducing piled up cases in courts which was partly contributed by poor filling systems.

"From 2014 our country entered another era of using digital court services which include conducting session virtually or through video conferences. These services have brought about a very good impact in ensuring timely justice and reaching out to individuals who seek justice without complications,” she said.

Ms Mkhoi said that since this year's legal week is being held under the theme “Industrial Revolution- a Journey Towards Improving Online Courts" her office has been doing a lot in disseminating education and raising awareness on online court services.

She said the use of court online services has been well received   by the majority of individuals, especially those who don't have enough time for attending court proceedings.

Expounding, she added that the government made the wise decision to introduce online courts as the decision helps the nation to keep pace with the fast growing industrial sector. 

" Owners of industries   are among individuals who are benefiting  much  from these services, since they can file their cases online and proceed with their production activities without wasting time", she said. 

As part of marking the Legal Week, residents in Soga, Mlandizi, Mwendapole Mkoani, Magindu and Visiga in Kibaha district will be reached with education and awareness on accessing law services. Same sessions will be conducted in all district councils in the region.

This year's Legal Week will be launched on January 23 and it will be climaxed on February 1. 

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