Brace for more rains,  TMA warns the public

Brace for more rains, TMA warns the public

THE Tanzania Meteorological Agency (TMA) has issued a weather notice, predicting that rain would continue in several areas, particularly around the coast, including Dar es Salaam.

Furthermore, it clarified that the rain and strong gusts that swept across on Thursday night were caused by weather patterns. Ms Joyce Makwata, a TMA weather analyst, predicted that heavy rains would continue in the coastal and southern parts of the country from today until January 25, 2022.

She said the Masika rains are continuing in places that receive rain twice a year and will continue for a few days until the fourth weekend of this month, with the north coast, the north-eastern highlands, and the Lake Victoria zone predicted to be short of rainfall.

“However, in the southern areas of the country, where rain falls just once a year between November and April, it is predicted to continue as seasonal rains,” Ms Makwata added.

She described the recent weather patterns and periods of heavy rainfall in some of the areas including torrential rains in the North and South Coast areas and some parts of the country as normal.

She explained that the situation was created by the presence of thick clouds that brought rains known as ‘Ng ‘amba clouds,’ which are generally followed by times of severe winds.

According to her, the regions around Lake Victoria, the north-eastern highlands and the north coast, in general receive two rain seasons per year Last December, the Vuli rains came to an end.

She claimed that heavy rains fell in the third week of January in the previous season due to the existence of low air pressure in northern Madagascar, which absorbed moisture from Congolian rainforests and northerly winds.

Rains have been reported in many parts of the country, including Dar es Salaam, Tanga, Unguja, and Pemba islands, as well as the country’s southern regions, according to Ms Makwata.

She cautioned the public to be cautious of potential rain-related damage, including infrastructure damage and waterlogging, as well as trade disruptions in open areas.

“Citizens should continue to check daily weather forecasts to protect themselves from unfavourable weather conditions, such as heavy rain,” she said.

Institutions urged to have monitoring, evaluation policy  

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