Samia pushes for tax compliance

Samia pushes for tax compliance

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan has emphasized the significance of paying taxes so as the government continues to implement numerous development programmes, including repaying development partners’ loans.

The President made the call yesterday at Bomang’ombe Town, Hai District in Kilimanjaro region where she made a stopover on her way to Moshi Municipality to preside over the Cultural Festival scheduled for today.

Samia remarked on the need of paying taxes in response to a plea from Hai Member of Parliament, Mr Saashisha Mafuwe, who reminded her of her September 2021 promise to build a market at the Kwasadala area of the district.

“In the country, we have a special programme for markets development, and Phase One is finished and the funds have run out. We are currently negotiating with our lenders to obtain a new loan for Phase Two, in which we must ensure that the markets assist us in repaying the debt.

“We will come to construct the market as promised once we have the money for Phase Two. The formula is; we borrow and reimburse it, so you must ensure that you pay taxes when we build markets.”

President Samia stated in December 2021 that her government would not be discouraged from borrowing and that she would seek further concessional loans to fund key projects like the on-going Standard Gauge Railway (SGR).

“Despite efforts to discourage us from borrowing, we will continue to implement the initiatives. Even developed countries have debts, so we will have to borrow to finish the development projects we have started,” noted the Head of State.

“I pledged to continue on the constructive route set by past administrations, overseeing the completion of all ongoing projects and initiating new ones. We will continue to monitor and see that they are completed,” she stressed.

The Head of State further noted that she has been honest in all of the loans she has obtained and that all Tanzanians are aware of how the borrowed funds are spent.

In response to questions on irrigation schemes in the region, she stated that the Minister for Finance, Dr Mwigulu Nchemba has already obtained finances for irrigation projects around the country, with irrigation schemes in the region being among the beneficiaries.

“There are two things that will enable us to undertake faster development activities; those are loans and mobile money levy, instead of waiting to collect small monies,“ President Samia remarked, recalling also of the refurbishment of old schools.

Everyone has seen the benefits of consensual loans, including the construction of classrooms that allow form one student to enrol, according to the Head of State. MP Mafuwe had previously stated that there are approximately 13 dilapidated schools in the constituency and demanded government’s assistance to renovate them.

“Our irrigation schemes were damaged by the floods, and some are dilapidated. If we get more money in this area, the people of Hai will be able to conduct agricultural activities and contribute to GDP. Mr Mafuwe said when President Samia was recording the ‘Royal Tour’ she stopped over the area and pledged to construct the Kwasadala Market, where they have already developed a map which comprises value-addition industries and packaging.

“We request you today to direct the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government to begin building a modern market,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, President Samia has directed permanent secretaries and their deputies to execute their duties effectively so as to bring development to the citizens.

The Head of State issued the directives yesterday in a working meeting held at Jakaya Kikwete Convention Centre in Dodoma.

The president also told them to execute their tasks by considering national plans including Development Vision 2020-2025, Five-Year Development Plan 2021/2022 -2025/2026, and Chama Cha Mapinduzi Election Manifesto that has identified government’s development priorities.

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