Media urged to promote Zanzibar peace, GNU

Media urged to promote Zanzibar peace, GNU

JOURNALISTS in Zanzibar have been urged to practice sensitive reporting especially on conflict issues, as they directly influence and have the power to set agenda’s directly impacting on people’s lives.

This was emphasized at a three-day media training on ‘peace building and enhancing of Government of National Unity (GNU)’ by Mr Ali Mwadini- media trainer, who said that there is need for the media to advocate for unity and peace.

“As the fourth estate, we should strive to educate the public about the importance of peace, political stability, and promote GNU,” Mr Mwadini said at the meeting held at the Kidongochekundu psychiatric hospital hall.

The training organised by the Zanzibar Press Club (ZPC) with support from European Union (EU) attracted journalists from print, electronic, and social media where media practitioners were urged to promote peace and unity by desisting from taking sides when reporting and fuelling negative perceptions which eventually culminate into hatred and violence.

The national Chairperson of ZPC, Mr Abdalla Abdulrahman Mfume challenged journalists that if they stick to media ethics which include being neutral and objective in coverage and avoiding sensational reporting, Zanzibar’s volatile politics will remain an issue of the past.

“Let us avoid stories that can cause conflicts. As media practitioners, we must be careful with our pens, recorders, and microphones,” he said.

ZPC Deputy Chairperson, Ms Tabia Makame joined the club Secretary Mr Mwinyivua Nzukwi to organise and partner in the programme.

They insisted on journalists to move GNU to grassroots level, among the ordinary citizens, so that they understand and own the GNU. Mr Salum Vuai, one of the beneficiaries of the training, said the training has been an important reminder about the media role in preventing conflicts.

He also called on sources to improve good relations with the media by giving information, saying that lack of information can, at any stage of a conflict, make people desperate, restless and easily manipulated.

“Media has the power to dilute tensions before they even reach a critical point, therefore it is important for leaders and political parties to provide credible information,” he said.


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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Zanzibar

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