GBV still common despite public awareness

GBV still common despite public awareness

MEMBERS of the public have been urged not to take a break in the war against Gender Based Violence (GBV), as the incidents are still common.

The call was made here by officers from the Zanzibar Chief Government Statistician (OCGS) when giving the monthly data on GBV in the country, saying about 97 incidents of violence against women and children, mainly sexual abuse, were reported in December 2021.

Ms Ramla Hassan Pandu, Head of the Criminal, Claims and Gender Unit of the OCGS informed journalists at the media briefing that most of the victims are children and women.

She said the number had increased by 7.8 per cent from 90 cases in November 2021 to 97 in December 2021, and that the average number of cases per year has decreased by 4.0 per cent from 101 cases in December 2020 to 97 in December 2021.

“These are only reported cases; many may not be reported because of shyness to take action against perpetrators, who majority happen to be family members,” she said, adding that victims are aged 15 to 17 years.

Referring to the number of children affected by incidents of violence and sexual abuse in December 2021, she said it had increased by 9.8 per cent compared to November 2021.

She explained that the proportion of home-based incidents per month increased by 17.6 per cent from 68 cases in November 2121 to 80 cases in December 2021, whereas incidents which occurred elsewhere dropped to 22.7 per cent from 22 cases in November 2021 to 17 cases for the month of December 2021.

Ms Halima Abrahman Omar from the Gender unit- Social Welfare, Elders, Gender and Children appealed to the community to make deliberate efforts to safeguard children from continuing to be abused, and that everyone should look for ways to end the problem.

“This is a serious issue, parents and guardians must work together to restore collective responsibility in child nurturing like it used to be in the past. We should discourage our night events for children because it contributes to moral decay,” she said.

Ms Naila Abdulbasit- Magistrate from the Children Special Court said at the media briefing, “It is possible to stop or minimise incidents of abuse against children and women. Let us show commitment.”

She said that the government has been taking great efforts to eliminate acts of humiliation to children and women, and that each citizen should take similar initiatives to win the war against abuse.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Zanzibar

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