State orders audit on development projects funds

State orders audit on development projects funds

THE Government has ordered its internal auditors countrywide to audit public funds for all development projects in their areas and submit reports within a month.

Finance and Planning Minister Dr Mwigulu Nchemba issued the order when spoke with residents of Mwandiga small town in Kigoma region, on Monday.

Dr Nchemba directed that the internal auditors should audit funds given by the government in their areas by listing implemented projects, the level of implementation and value of the projects.   

“Internal auditors countrywide must bring to me audit report over issued funds for the projects to identifu how much has been spent, stage of projects implementation and quality. If project has been implemented poorly or not implemented at all let me know. This will tell us whether those who implemented such projects have capacity to such works,” he insisted.  

Dr Nchemba said the government will not bear with anyone who would cause delays in the implementation of the development projects while the government had provided the funds in time.

“If the internal auditors fail to hand over accurate report within one month stern measures will be taken against them,” Dr Nchemba emphasized. 

He however assured that the government will not take back the funds it provided for development projects over qualified certificate after auditing but rather deal with individuals who caused the poor implementation of such projects. 

“It’s not right to punish citizens over a mistake done by few individuals whom have been entrusted to perform the duty,” he pointed out. 

The government has allocated over 13tri/- for the development projects during the current fiscal year whereby over 10tri/- (about 78 per cent) will be sourced from internal revenue sources and 2.9tri/- (21.8 per cent) will be from external sources.

The money is expected to be sourced from tax and nontax revenue sources, Local Government Authorities (LGA), aid and grants from Development Partners (DPs) as we as local and external Concessional Loans.

Commenting, lawmaker for Kigoma North constituency, Assa Makanika, told the minister that there was disagreement over where to build the health centre in Mwandiga small town.

He further cited various challenges facing his voters including poor roads, hardship in getting National Identity, water shortage.

The minister then promised that he would present those challenges to responsible authorities to be addressed.

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Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter in Kigoma

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