Britain freezes BBC funding for two years

Britain freezes BBC funding for two years

Britain on Monday said that it would freeze funding for BBC for two years at £159, or about 498,780/-, which is paid by households annually, reported the news channel.

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries said in the House of Commons that the government could “not justify extra pressure on the wallets of hardworking households”. She said that after the freeze, the news channel will be in line with inflation for the next four years.

“The BBC must support people at a time when their finances are strained, make savings and efficiencies, and use the billions in public funding it receives to deliver for viewers, listeners and users,” she said.

British households that watch BBC are charged a flat fee every year, called the licence fee, which is used to fund shows and services offered by the public broadcaster. In exchange for the licence fee, BBC provides public service broadcasting.

The licence fee has come under criticism for the past few years for various reasons. Since it is a flat rate, questions are raised as the poorest households are paying as much as the richest. Also, people have questioned if non-payment of the fee is serious enough to justify threatening someone with imprisonment or a criminal record.

However, the existence of the licence fee has been guaranteed till 2027 end by the BBC’s royal charter that sets its funding and purpose.

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