Over 4,000 illegal immigrants  nabbed in Kagera in a year

Over 4,000 illegal immigrants nabbed in Kagera in a year

SOME 4,172 illegal immigrants were nabbed by the Immigration Department in Kagera region last year.

Kagera Regional Immigration Officer (RIO), Assistant Commissioner Thomas Fussi told the ‘Daily News’ in an interview that the prohibited immigrants included 3,200 Burundians, 673 Ugandans, 233 Rwandese and 23 Congolese.

The list also includes nationals from China (nine), Kenya (two), India (one), Zimbabwe (two), South Africa (two), USA (two), Zambia (four), Syria (two), Somalia (11), Ethiopia (seven), Comoro (one) and Nigeria (one).

“About 3,800 illegal immigrants were served with Order of Departure (OD), 299 were arraigned in court while 62 others were set free,” he said.

During the same period, 33 Tanzanians were arrested for aiding the prohibited immigrants. Eleven prohibited immigrants were arraigned in court while 22 others were given warning and acquitted.

Mr Fussi further elaborated that a total of 3,068 immigrants were nabbed by the Immigration Department in Kagera Region during 2020 for entering and living in Tanzania illegally.

The list included 2,256 Burundians, 479 Ugandans, 278 Rwandese and 24 Ethiopians, 10 from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), nine Somalis, six Chinese, two Egyptians, two Kenyans, a Pakistani and a Malawian.

A total of 2,817 prohibited immigrants were deported while 196 others were arraigned in court of which 126 were sentenced to imprisonment for one to three years. Some 11 others were convicted and paid fine, he said.

Mr Fussi explained that the Immigration officials in collaboration with village level leaders are working closely to identify people who live in Tanzania without permits.

He appealed to residents in the region to report illigal immigrants to authorities for necessary measures.

“Border between a country and another is an opportunity to people living in the area. People should use border areas to do business and improve their standards of living provided that they satisfy all the legal requirements. Our role as government is to make sure that these people are benefiting but they should follow immigration regulations,” he said.

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