Patient who received pig heart transplant has jail records

Patient who received pig heart transplant has jail records

A first-of-its kind transplant involving a genetically modified pig heart is raising ethical questions, after it was revealed that the patient who received the surgery had previously stabbed a man repeatedly and left him paralysed.

David Bennett Sr, 57, made headlines around the world earlier this week, when it was announced he was safely recovering from the world’s first successful GMO pig heart transplant at the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Doctors at the university heralded the procedure as an important step in helping the more than 110,000 people each year on organ transplant lists get help sooner – where many die before they can get a surgery.

“This was a breakthrough surgery and brings us one step closer to solving the organ shortage crisis. There are simply not enough donor human hearts available to meet the long list of potential recipients,” Dr Bartley P Griffith, who performed the surgery, said in a statement.


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