Mwinyi impressed with  JKT, JKU teamwork

Mwinyi impressed with JKT, JKU teamwork

PRESIDENT Hussein Ali Mwinyi has hailed existing close cooperation between the National Service (JKT) and the Zanzibar National Service (JKU), saying their collaboration was crucial in achieving economic development strategy.

“Strengthen your cooperation, especially in capacity building, training and production of equipment, among other things, considering that JKT has vast experience and has already made great strides in development projects, including in construction,” Dr Mwinyi said during a meeting with JKT boss, Major General Rajabu Nduku Mabele who was in Zanzibar for a familiarisation tour.

President Mwinyi said since JKT has enough experience, it was an advantage for the JKU to expand its scope by having a construction company like that of JKT which has built a great reputation in the construction industry in the country Dr Mwinyi further expressed hope that the close partnership between the military wings would help them to develop military training in order to achieve intended objectives, including boosting discipline.

He added that time has come for JKU to be able to manufacture equipment and put up strategies for more productive activities like the JKT.

He congratulated Major General Mabele for being appointed as Chief of National Service as well as being promoted to Major General.

Earlier, Maj Gen Mabele briefed President Mwinyi on activities undertaken by JKT and the partnership between JKT and JKU, especially after 2001 when collaboration was strengthened on training matters as well as other development activities.

In addition, Maj Gen Mabele explained that for the first time JKT got an opportunity to construct the Mwalimu Nyerere College Branch in Zanzibar last year, and that it used JKU soldiers during the implementation of the project for the purpose of enabling them to gain experience.

Major General Mabele promised that under his leadership, JKT will work with JKU to ensure that it continues to improve and achieve its intended goals, especially in terms of increasing training and production.

“Through our collaboration, we will also share experience and learn how to engage in the Blue Economy policy,” he said, adding that the JKT will continue to benefit from efforts made by Dr Mwinyi when he was Minister of Defence.

Meanwhile, President Mwinyi met with a delegation from US-based ‘54 Genetics Company’, accompanied by the Zanzibar Health Minister, Mr Nassor Ahmed Mazrui who promised that Zanzibar was ready to work with the Company in strengthening the health sector, including battling prostate cancer.

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