Samia Wants Classified State Information Handled with Care

Samia Wants Classified State Information Handled with Care

President Samia Suluhu Hassan has asked Ministers and their deputies to be discreet with all issues related to governmental documents.

In a special meeting with the Ministers on Thursday in Dodoma, the President said that it is a shameful thing for governmental documents to be exposed on social media and thus instructing the ministers to work on the matter

“There must be privacy within the government, whether a matter is classified or not it must end within the government,” President Samia warned. 

Delivering various instructions to both the newly reshuffled cabinet, President Samia also ordered the former Minister of Land, Housing and Human Settlement, William Lukuvi to cooperate with the Prime Minister in Sectorial coordination of various Ministries and governmental institutes. 

On the 8th of January this year the President made some changes in the cabinet where she removed Mr Lukuvi from the post of a Minister citing that he will be given another task and replaced him with Angelina Mabula.

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