Mantra Tanzania Ltd  donates 3-tonne cargo vehicle  to Namtumbo District Hospital

Mantra Tanzania Ltd donates 3-tonne cargo vehicle to Namtumbo District Hospital

Mantra Tanzania, which runs the Mkuju River Project in Namtumbo District of Ruvuma region in southern Tanzania, has donated a three-tonne cargo vehicle to the Namtumbo District Hospital.

The canter was handed over to the Ruvuma Regional Commissioner Brig. Gen. Wilbert Augustine Ibuge by Mantra’s Managing Director, Frederick Kibodya.

This should assist in delivery of medical supplies within and between the district medical centers and dispensaries.

Mantra Tanzania Ltd has a long history of communicating with the locals in Namtumbo, facilitating consultation, discussion and information sharing.

But one of the main and most engaging projects in the region is helping the development of Namtumbo District Hospital.

The construction of the hospital was highly boosted by Mantra in 2017 and since then the organization played a big role in helping the hospital to become fully operational.

Mantra has continued to support development of the hospital by donating a full blood picture equipment (Haematology Analyser) worth Shs 50 million, and contributing more than Shs 60 million in cash for the initial construction of the maternity ward at the hospital. Now Mantra has donated the canter worth almost Shs 50 million as a continuation of its past donations.

Before the construction of the hospital, patients used dispensaries and health centres and for further treatment they had to go to the regional hospital in Songea which is 64 km from Namtumbo.

This created a lot of difficulties for locals in receiving the necessary medical treatment. “The medical facilities available at Namtumbo District Hospital have helped to reduce the challenge of patients going to be treated long distances, including saving lives, especially for pregnant women in need of maternity care”, said a Namtumbo Division Executive Officer Alkwin Ndomba.

Mantra’s donation of the canter is a contribution that is ought to improve the quality of health care by providing efficiency in medical provision within the district.

This is vital for a healthy, and resultantly a more productive community. Simultaneously, the donation will ease a financial burden to the council and hospital, and allow funds that were previously used to hire transportation for distribution of medical supplies across Namtumbo, to now be allocated in other development programs.

In addition to the canter, Mantra has also donated a bore hole and water tanks with the capacity of storing 10,000 litres to assist in combating challenges caused by water shortage.

This donation aims to improve sanitation and hygiene at the hospital, which in turn will ensure provision of safe care to patients and minimize risk of infections to both patients and caretakers.

The donation is part of Mantra’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment to communities and compliments the government’s determination to improve the health of all Tanzanians by increasing health care that meets the needs of all people including those in Namtumbo.

Mantra Tanzania owns the Mkuju River Project in Namtumbo District of Ruvuma region in southern Tanzania.

Mantra is owned by ROSATOM – the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom is the only company in the world that has the resources and competencies to offer energy solutions across the nuclear supply chain, including assets in design, construction and operation of nuclear power stations, uranium mining, conversion and enrichment, supply of nuclear fuel, decommissioning, spent fuel storage and transportation, and safe nuclear waste disposal.

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