PCCB must be tough, nail corrupt individuals

PCCB must be tough, nail corrupt individuals

ON Sunday, the government issued directives requiring the Prevention and Combating Corruption Bureau (PCCB) to investigate all procurement contracts in the Tanzania Rural and Urban Road Agency (TARURA).

This is a commendable move and is worthy praise.

There is no room for corruption practices in public projects.

They should be condemned by every citizen in the country to maintain the development agenda set right from independence.

The government move shows zero tolerance stance on corruption practices because they lead to misappropriation of the scarce resources which are meant to provide social services to its citizens.

The Minister of State in the President’s Office, Public Management and Good Governance, Mohamed Mchengerwa said after suspending TARURA’s chief procurement officer that the nation must take tough decisions, wherever necessary to realize its development goals and for the benefit of her citizens.

The minister said the decision to suspend the chief procurement officer followed reports of various flawed contracts the agency detected and led to reviews and seen as against procedures.

According to him, the development projects are meant to open up economic opportunities and push the country’s development agenda and that the government would not allow a few unscrupulous individuals to siphon public funds for personal gains.

The government is currently spending a substantial amount of money on the construction of road projects including those in the rural areas managed by TARURA to make them accessible throughout the year.

So far, the government has invested heavily in various infrastructure projects including roads, energy, railway, purchase of new planes and building several structures to strengthen investment.

All these investments in infrastructure development are meant to raise the living standards of its people and attract also global investors into the country.

Corruption practices affect the quality of the project right from their preparations to the implementation stages and must be fought. Whichever way one looks at corruption, it backpaddles development of emerging countries and disorganizes the quality of life in taxpayers’ money is meant to address.

When corrupt practices particularly in road projects are left to flourish, then more people particularly those in the rural areas will not get good roads that would have helped them transport farm produce to the markets.

It is therefore important that every citizen condemns all acts of corruption in society and by doing so, we are supporting the government under stewardship of President Samia Suluhu Hassan to bring development for all.

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