Puma pledges more jobs in celebrating independence 

Puma pledges more jobs in celebrating independence 

In celebrating 60 years of independence, the State-private owned fuel company, Puma Energy, has assured of continued support to the government’s efforts to increase job opportunities and alleviate poverty.

The company stated on Wednesday that it would keep on expanding investments, particularly increasing the number of petrol stations countrywide that would create more employments.

Company’s acting Managing Director Lameck Hiliyayi gave the affirmation yesterday, ahead of today’s celebrations to mark the Uhuru Day nationally at the Uhuru Stadium in Dar es Salaam.

“As we are going to celebrate 60 years of independence we reiterate our commitment to collaborating with the government in increasing employments,” Mr Hiliyayi stated.

The company used the opportunity also to launch a customer week at an event, which was officiated by Temeke District Commissioner Jokate Mwegelo.

Puma’s customer week is marked annually since 2019, during which the company stresses on better services to its customers, conduct awareness campaign on road safety and award its customers as incentives.

When officiating the event at Sokota area, Temeke District,, DC Mwegelo said: “I am pleased to hear that as we are going to celebrate 60 years of independence tomorrow (today) the investors’ trust in government increases and they continue to invest for job creation and country’s economic development,” Ms Mwegelo said.

She commended the company for continuing prioritizing quality products that meet international standards and customers’ needs.

“Better services bring development in various sectors. If the company focuses on delivering better services it would contribute to the country’s development,” she said.

She was optimistic that through the customer week the Puma Energy Tanzania would use that opportunity to further improve its services and open up new avenue for growing up more.

Ms Mwegelo further hailed the company for its decision to offer road safety education during the week, saying the move was in line with government’s efforts to reduce deaths and injuries from caused by road

Author: DAILY NEWS Reporter

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