Energy firm expands investment  scope on friendly business environ

Energy firm expands investment scope on friendly business environ

THE government’ efforts to improve the business and investments climate in the country is significantly paying off, with an international firm, Total Energies vigorously expanding its scope of business, investments and provision of services.

The company is currently in talks with the government on the possibility to start generating electricity from solar and wind sources. And, the company has spent 2 million US dollars in setting up a Lubricant and Oil Blending Plant (LOBP), a move that has helped in employment creation, transfer of skills and technology as well as contributing to the national economy.

All these were revealed last week, when TotalEnergies Marketing Tanzania, Customer Service Week was marked in Dar es Salaam. The company formerly known as Total Tanzania Limited and now known as TotalEnergies Marketing Tanzania Limited has launched TotalEnergies customer week for the year 2021, carrying the theme: imagining tomorrow together.

This is the third round of TotalEnergies customer week since it started in 2019. TotalEnergies continues to show its commitment to Tanzania by welcoming its customers to share their vision of the future of TotalEnergies Marketing Tanzania Limited in the country.

Speaking during the event, the Managing Director, Jean-Francois Schoepp said that, “as the father of the nation, the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere once said that “If real development is to take place, the people have to be involved.” We also believe that if TotalEnergies Marketing Tanzania Limited is to continue developing further, it can only happen by involving our customers and developing along with our customer’s vision of us, their future prosperous demands and for us to ensure that we are ready and able to fully satisfy that demand. ” he said.

TotalEnergies Marketing Tanzania Limited management team led by Mr Schoepp provided top service to customers who visited TotalEnergies East Oysterbay last Monday and had an opportunity to hear forth customer’s feedback, strengthen the relationship with their customers to bridge any gaps that may be existing and imagine the future of TotalEnergies Marketing Tanzania Limited together.

Furthermore, customers had a chance to play a fortune wheel at the station and stood a chance to win several gifts including Tshirts, water bottles, caps, car care products such as coolants and air fresheners, and a gift voucher to shop from the cafe bonjour.

Indeed, TotalEnergies Marketing Tanzania Limited has rebranded and continues to lead innovation, this is fully reflected in the company’s commitment to offering high quality products and services everywhere in Tanzania.

During the launch, Mr Schoepp said the company was proud to reveal its innovation, performance and overall, its new lubricant package, the PURE range.

“This evening is special... we are here to celebrate our customers, how better can we celebrate our customers than by innovating. This is our way to show our commitment to all of you during this third round of the TotalEnergies customer week,” he said.

TotalEnergies journey in Tanzania started more than 50 years ago, and Mr Schoepp said all over that period the company’s focus has always been to satisfy the customer by availing high quality products and services all over the country.

“Fifty years of continuous investments in adding new service stations, strengthening our logistics, developing a state-of-the-art Blending plant to produce lubricants locally, and making Tanzania our regional hub to supply to seven neighbouring countries, shows our strong contribution to Tanzania’s industrialization,” he said.

“Having said this, today we are here to celebrate the launch of our latest innovation: the new lubricants packaging, a revolution full of innovation which has been developed by TotalEnergies’ lubricants division and now available in Tanzania and our neighbouring countries.

He further said that the company is proud to still live by its commitment to serving customers with the best quality products and services hence this development in lubricants packaging which brings forth: new colours, new labels, and a more ergonomic design to meet customers’ needs.

He said when the world is facing the challenge of more energy and less carbon emission, it is the company’s responsibility to work with its customers and develop low carbon emission energy solutions.

“This is why, in addition to these design developments, the lubricants division contributes to the company’s ambition to offer cleaner energy. In particular, a reduction in the weight of cans will prevent the emission of 9,500 tonnes of CO2 each year,” he said.

Deputy Minister for Industries and Trade, Exaud Kigahe, who was the chief guest of the event, reiterated the government’s commitment to continue supporting investors’ innovation and keep on improving the business environment. He also commended the efforts by TotalEnergies on supporting the government’s initiatives on industrialisation by investing in LOBP which is the largest and most innovative plant in East Africa.

“This investment is commendable and appreciated by the government since the plant has provided employment opportunities to Tanzanians as well as ensuring that there is the availability of products in our market due to assurance of production within the country,” said the deputy minister. He said the range of new packages of TotalEnergies’ lubricants is truly a vision of innovation that reflects the company’s commitment to offering high quality products and services everywhere in Tanzania.

“I would like to congratulate TotalEnergies Marketing Tanzania Limited for the great milestone achieved, for their innovation and mostly for continuing to serve the market of Tanzania and the neighbouring countries with high quality products and services,” he said.

“It is with high regards that TotalEnergies is one of the leading investors in the country through its network of stations, through the East African Crude Oil Pipeline and through the (LOBP) which is the largest and most innovative plant in East Africa producing lubricants, coolants and grease, as well as providing employment opportunities to Tanzanians.

The deputy minister applauded the company for continuing to support the development of Tanzania through innovation, investment and increasing employment opportunities in the country.

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