Mbao coach targets top-three post

Mbao coach targets top-three post

THE Head Coach of Mbao, Ibrahim Mulumba said his team's utmost goal in 2021/2022 season is to claim one of the top three positions.

Mulumba said here on Friday when outlining his team's strategies during the training session at CCM Kirumba stadium.

Mulumba said he will make his youngsters to fight and fulfill their responsibilities despite failing to pitch a residential camp thus; forcing players to come from home during matches.

He said another challenge they face is players’ lack of fitness due to poor preparations caused by financial constraints.

"I am now making our team work hard because I found the team's fitness was not good. It is only about 10 percent so what we do here is to get them back to the form," Mulumba said.

Mulumba, the former Geita Gold and Toto Africans coach, said they are fighting to ensure they win the last two matches of the First League against Kurugenzi and Copco Veterans.

Do they win them Mbao will finish third in their place Group B standings.

He said he wants to make his team cohesive when making attacks and be quick in the final zone.

"We are working to connect the players from the back to the front because it is as if they did not understand each other, I want them to start playing as a team especially the midfield area," he said.

Mbao FC skipper Ndaki Robert said his team will work hard so as to finish in the top three positions as their coach targets.

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Author: ALEXANDER SANGA in Mwanza

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