T-MARC HIV/Aids campaign wins public hearts

T-MARC HIV/Aids campaign wins public hearts

THERE has been good response from residents in Mbeya region, its neighbouring areas and Tanzanians in general on the HIV/Aids campaign conducted by T-MARC for seven days leading to the climax of World Aids Day celebrated on Wednesday this week.

During the one-week exhibition held at Ruandansolwe Stadium, in Mbeya City, T-MARC conducted the campaign on HIV/Aids during which  education on how people can  protect themselves against HIV transmission and proper use of condoms was also provided. 

In their pavilion, T-MARC   provided Dume condoms and sanitary pads besides training all stakeholders on how to use and store the products until they reach consumers.

Stakeholders who visited T-MARC pavilion accessed quality but affordable products, an act that was well received, since funds accrued from the sales is rolled back towards community projects and activities.

Majority of visitors who visited T- MARC expressed their satisfaction with the services provided by officials, saying the campaign enlightened them on the best way to keep safe from HIV transmission.

Over the past 14 years T-MARC has been promoting access to correct and consistent use of quality and affordably priced condoms through Dume male.

T-MARC’s Dume male condom initiative comprising three variants, Dume Classic condoms, Dume Desire condoms and Dume

 Extreme condoms, target people from different age and socio-economic groups with special focus on youth and most at risk population.

It has sold and distributed about 60 million male condoms during the past five years.

T-MARC Tanzania, a key partner of the government in addressing critical gaps in HIV/AIDS response, has proved its importance in the fight against the pandemic during the campaign, given the huge turnout of visitors who visited the pavilion, seeking clarification to issues related with HIV/ Aids and hygiene.

T-MARC Tanzania is one of the key partners of the Tanzanian government and international donors and implementing partners, working closely to achieve Tanzania’s vision of “End inequalities, End AIDS, End epidemics.

The Non-Governmental Organisation, which is locally managed, implements programmes that ensure communities get access to affordable and quality health related services and products. The firm operates on both the Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar.

It is mandated to make sustainable health and social impact on the lives of Tanzanians through the application of core competencies in social marketing, communication, project management and partnership.

Envisioned to be the Centre of Excellence for sustainable health development with capacity to overcome obstacles for the wellbeing of communities in Tanzania, T-MARC provides quality services and health products for disease prevention, through innovative interventions and partnership to address key social and economic challenges – thereby contributing to the wellbeing of targeted communities in the country.

The firm deploys bold and innovative approaches to expanding access to health products as well as informing and changing health behaviours.

T-MARC successfully expanded its health portfolio to work on a wide range of health issues, including HIV/AIDS, TB, reproductive health, family planning, nutrition, Malaria, and water and sanitation.

 T-MARC’s core focus is social marketing, social and behavior change communication, while expanding beyond HIV/AIDS and reproductive health to address new health and development priorities, including child survival, malaria, nutrition, and water and sanitation, and girl’s empowerment.

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