Mainland, Isles join forces  to boost livestock sector

Mainland, Isles join forces to boost livestock sector

MAINLAND and Isles Livestock Ministry permanent secretaries have met in Chakechake, Pemba and agreed on seven areas of cooperation, aiming to boost the sector.

The two sides, according to a statement issued on Tuesday, agreed to deal with all challenges facing pastoralists in the country.

Before the Tuesday’s meeting which involved Acting Mainland Livestock Permanent Secretary, Amosy Zephania and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, Natural Resources and Livestock from the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar, Maryam Juma Sadallah, the experts held a session to discuss various issues surrounding the sector.

At the meeting, Mr Zephania stressed that the two parties should work together in the implementation of agreed areas for players in the sector to benefit from the large number of cattle available in Tanzania.

“It is important for the livestock sector experts (from both sides) to continue working together and share experiences to reduce or eliminate the nuisances and challenges facing Tanzanian pastoralists,” the acting PS was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, Sadallah thanked her counterpart from the Mainland for commitment shown to fulfill in the agreed areas. The PS also commended the team of veterinary sector experts from both Mainland and Isles for managing to implement a large part of agreement concluded in the session held in Dar es Salaam on June 4 this year.

“Congratulations to our experts for the accomplished good work you did, although not one hundred percent but you have worked very hard,” Ms Maryam said at the meeting.

She also urged experts to co-operate in their work plans so that it is easier to help each other also use the opportunities available for the benefit of both sides of the Union Citing livestock infrastructure projects expected to be built in Zanzibar worth USD 60m being a loan from Hungary, Ms Sadallah called upon experts from Mainland and Isles to work together in executing various work plans geared to elevate the sector for the betterment of people living on both sides.

Meanwhile, Zanzibar’s Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, Natural Resources and Livestock Senior Officer, Hakim Vuai Shein commended a team of experts for implementing various areas of agreement between the two parties and was optimistic that the initiatives that are currently taken by the ministries from both sides of the Union will address challenges hampering the sector.


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