New study warns against using plastics as cooking energy

New study warns against using plastics as cooking energy

IF you use plastics or rubber for cooking or roasting food stuff, you may risk getting cancer, including breast and prostate cancer, according to new research.   

The research findings by the National Institute of Medical Research (NIMR)-Mwanza Center and Catholic University of Health and Allied Science (CUHAS) also show that such materials can also cause male dysfunction.

Titled: ‘Salient Indoor Air Pollution (IAP) burden’ was carried out in informal settlement in both Mwanza City Council (MCC) and Ilemela Municipal Council (IMC).

It was conducted this year and it seeks to find out impacts of such plastic-related materials, Head of CUHAS Environmental and Occupational Health Department, Dr Elias Nyanza told the 'Daily News' recently.

"We sought to know what was behind a significant increase in cancer incidences in the Lake zone regions," he explained.

He affirmed that other studies conducted around the world also show that breast cancer is among the diseases mainly caused by plastic and rubber materials as they contain some chemicals, including Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) which produces dioxin after being burnt.

Again, he added, chemicals like 'Bisphenol A' (BPA), 'Bisphenols (BPS)' and 'Phlathalates' in plastic products cause health harm especially when the cooker has direct contact with the contaminated heat during cooking or burning process.

He stressed that a person may experience health complications if she/he regularly exposes her/himself to such a contaminated heat because the chemicals affect the body's hormones.

NIMR Researcher, Ms Happyness Kunzi, commented that despite such serious health hazards, the study found out that there was a widespread use of plastic and rubber materials.

Among other factors of the use was poverty, as many people with low income cannot afford to buy firewood, charcoal or cooking gas.

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Author: NASHON KENNEDY in Mwanza

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