Pensioners must stay vigilant against fraudsters

Pensioners must stay vigilant against fraudsters

THE Public Service Social Security Fund (PSSSF) on Friday spoke against the growing network of fraudsters who have been posing as the Fund’s officials for the major objective of defrauding members, especially retirees of their terminal benefits or pension.

It was during an ongoing National Financial Service Week when PSSSF asked its members to be cautious against such evil people who have been making phone calls, giving directives and instructions to retirees that, if followed, may lead to being conned.

Some fraudsters have also been impersonating as officials from the Ministry of Finance and Planning and other public offices, calling retirees, promising to help them get paid their benefits.

According to PSSSF, there have been cases whereby retirees have been falling victims to some deceitful acts by fraudsters who have been using ICT to con some individuals. 

It has reached a point whereby some fraudsters have crafted their control numbers through which they dupe unsuspecting members.

This is not the first time PSSSF raises this alarm. The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) has often spoken on similar problem, including advising members on how to stay safe from such deceitful acts.

Members of both pension funds, especially retirees have always been advised to refrain from heeding the directives or instructions issued by unknown individuals over the phone.

PSSSF, for instance, has often said it has its special system of paying terminal benefits or pensions to its members and that payments are directly made to members’ bank accounts after processing their claims submitted after filling in forms.

The Fund’s management has insisted that it has no system that allows members to be paid their terminal benefits or pension via mobile phones or banks’ applications.

According PSSSF, procedures for payment of terminal benefits or pension to any member start by filling in the forms through the employer who then submits the documents to the Fund for further processes, not otherwise.

The best way to avoid falling victim to the deceitful acts masterminded by fraudsters is to refrain carrying out procedures of processing terminal benefits via mobile phones.

Retirees or pensioners should listen to the directives or instructions issued by the management of the pension funds. Working on directives issued via phone calls made by unknown individuals is dangerous.

In this digital age the world is changing rapidly and fraudsters are day and night busy crafting ways to defraud unsuspecting people of their money. Wake up!

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