Wake up non-soccer sports, it’s not too late

Wake up non-soccer sports, it’s not too late

NON-FOOTBALL sports must wake up from slumber as they hardly make headlines today on a stage firmly dominated by football through the Premier League, Championship and Women leagues.

Football is everywhere to the extent other sports that previously dominated Tanzania sports scene seem dead or inactive. Scarcely seen today are sports netball, volleyball, wrestling, hockey or handball.

The highly promoted non-soccer event at the moment is CRDB Taifa Cup basketball championship raging on at Chinangali Parks courts in Dodoma.

The regional level tournament seems to have been initiated by the success of the Regional Basketball League (RBA) staged at Harbours Club courts in Dar es Salaam.

The strong comeback of basketball has been propelled by sponsors who back the tournaments to ensure they hit the intended targets.  

Good organization, visionary planning and trust most often rule effective sponsorship as seen through the ongoing CRDB Taifa Cup in Dodoma.

Even the dominant Premier League has reached this stage because of good sponsorship that enabled teams to advance to the level of importing quality players from across the continent.

As of today the Premier League has managed to draw many foreign players, majority of them from Ghana, Mali, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Uganda and Burundi.

There are many lessons here for the sports that have lost popularity. 

It is not too late, the oganizations and personalities managing sports in the country need to go back to the drawing board and find out where things are not going right as they used to ten years ago.

In countries where they know what it takes to compete at the highest level, athletes start to be prepared from a very young age and Tanzania must not allow them to be left behind.

Our players and athletes always not ready for the big tournaments because we have not prepared them well enough.

If we did, it would help the national teams and we have to have continuity in everything that we do if the country is to be able to survive in this increasingly competitive world.

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