Self-employment should  be youth’s focus

Self-employment should be youth’s focus

50 percent of the world population is under 25. That is 3 billion people. Young people are most affected by extreme poverty, lack of employment and poor health.

All too often they are also the group with the fewest opportunities to contribute to the decision making processes that could change this.

We know that the ̳restless energy of young people can drive positive change in communities, countries and the globe. We‘ve seen it. Young people are not only the leaders of tomorrow.

They are leaders for today. Young people will change the world. It‘s a fact. Many examples in recent history from Syria to Tanzania show that when young people are left out, they could make their choices without reference to society. Young people are creative, open to change, energetic and resourceful. When we help young people to harness their potential - to have a voice and to lead - the impact is huge, positive and can result in benefits for all.

The question for us is what we can do to help to ensure their choices are positive. Tanzania is already the 10th largest youth population. 47 percent of the population is under 15 and the youth boom is expected in the next decade Young people are burdened by three key challenges in their lives - staying healthy, achieving a sustainable income, and participating. As said earlier, Tanzania has the tenth largest youth population globally.

With 66 percent under the age of 25 already, and the figure is set to rise significantly, understanding young people and their situation is critical in Tanzania. Young people are heavily affected by Tanzania‘s urgent development issues with age and gender hierarchical societies reinforcing young people‘s exclusion in decision making from community to national level.

Today, unemployment and underemployment issues sit comfortably at the top of the agenda of Tanzania’s political and economic discourse.

Thousands of young people graduate from educational institutions every year and are faced by the same challenge, favorable employment opportunities.

Very few are quick to think about self-employment due to the common belief that it’s more difficult for young people than adults to engage in business. Studies show that young people want to start businesses, yet the established business rate among adults is substantially higher than it is for youth.

This implies that young people face higher barriers to entrepreneurship than adults, and there is a need for better policies aimed at enabling young entrepreneurs to realize their ambitions.

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