Tanzania, Kenyan photojournalists to enhance skills on climate change

Tanzania, Kenyan photojournalists to enhance skills on climate change

TANZANIAN and Kenyan photojournalists are set to benefit from a photojournalism programme that will equip them with tools to create local visual climate change stories.

The programme is an initiative by the Embassy of Netherlands in Tanzania and Kenya, supported by NOOR Images, PAWA254, the British Council Tanzania and the Alliance Française.

A renowned Dutch photojournalist Kadir van Lohuizen will facilitate a four-day photojournalism programme, titled ‘Capturing Climate Change’, from November 8th in Dar es Salaam for eight Tanzania and Kenyan photojournalists to develop their climate change related visual stories.

‘Capturing Climate Change’ encourages strengthening the photojournalists’ documentary practices and, more broadly, bolsters climate change awareness in East Africa.

“The programme will provide these photojournalists with the skills needed to tell stories on how climate change is affecting their communities, how to work on long-term projects and create powerful work that will bring awareness and engage with adaptation strategies to confront the climate change crisis,” said the Dutch photojournalist.

Elaborating, Van Lohuizen noted that the programme will culminate in producing eight unique and impactful visual stories on Tanzanian and Kenyan urban youth in the face of climate change dynamics.

“These productions will be showcased in an exhibition on the climate crisis at a later date in both Tanzania and Kenya…seriously, climate change is impacting the world, and its adverse effects will only increase in the future.

“Tanzania and Kenya are among the countries that will directly experience the consequences of the climate change crisis. Even though there is a general awareness on climate change, scientists and politicians are often leading the discussion on the issue and visual storytelling, on the other hand, can show the human side of climate change,” he said.

Best known for his long-term projects on the seven rivers of the world and the rising of Sea levels, the legendary photographer will share his visual storytelling knowledge and impart the methods he uses to document major climate change stories around the world to the eight photojournalists.

The journalists were named as Calvin Kulaya , Raheb Manyiseni, ImaniNsamila and Michael Mbwambo from Tanzania and Anthony Ochieng, Cynthia Maiwa, Billy Miaron and Godwin Ndhiambo from Kenya.

Commenting on the programme, the Ambassador of Netherlands in Tanzania, Wiebe de Boer, affirmed Netherlands’ commitment to co-create solutions to global challenges.

“Climate change is the biggest challenge we face at this moment. By empowering the local photojournalists, we hope to contribute to give youth a voice and raise awareness on how the climate crisis affects their communities,” the envoy said.

The ambassador said the photojournalists have a unique opportunity to discover Van Lohuizen’s practice, techniques and secrets of his unwavering commitment to pushing creative boundaries in his pursuit of photographic excellence in climate change.

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