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Maize expressed statistics unrealistic, RC

Maize expressed statistics unrealistic, RC

RUKWA Regional Commissioner Joseph Mkirikiti has expressed his doubt over the agriculture statistics showing that farmers in the region have realized a bumper surplus of 600,000 tonnes during the 2020/21 season.

Mr Mkirikiti said that experts have exaggerated the statistics saying the truth was that farmers have exhausted stock maize they had harvested this season.

RC made that remarks yesterday while addressing senior civil servants during a meeting held at the small town of Matai saying so far  NFRA Sumbawanga Zone office has purchased 23,000 tons from farmers at the cost of over 11bn/-.

Mkirikiti was in Kalambo District during his four working tours to inspect the execution of development projects.

"I doubt the available statistics showing that farmers in the region have realized a bumper surplus of 600,000 tonnes of maize are unrealistic because even NFRA--- Sumbawanga Zone office have so far bought and practically farmers have exhausted their maize stock,” added the RC.

According to the available statistics show that Kalambo District is famous for maize farming whose farmers are leading the slot in the region for harvesting 123,000 tons of maize this season.

"If this is the case that Kalambo District has harvested 123,000 tons of maize while the other two districts of Nkasi and Sumbawanga have realized less than what was harvested in Kalambo,” he said.

Kalambo District Council Agriculture Officer, Nicholas Mlago briefed the RC that this harvesting season, farmers in the district have exported 18,000 tons of maize and subsequently the KDC earned less amounting to over 260m/-.

Meanwhile, Mkirikiti lauded the sixth phase administration for its bold decision taken last month to approve an additional 50bn/- for purchasing maize from farmers in the country including the Rukwa region a part of the State efforts to resolve the crop market crisis.

Available statistics from Rukwa Region Secretariat Economy Section show that farmers in the region have realized 1,319,657.28 tons of food and cash crops equivalent to 84.16 per cent of the target of harvesting 1,568,067.67 tones.

Maize is one of the most important crops in Tanzania; it comprises 45 per cent and 70 per cent of the cereal cultivated area.

Tanzania ranked among the top 25 maize producing countries in the world in the last two decades.

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Author: PETI SIYAME in Kalambo

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