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Mwinyi welcomes  ACISP in Zanzibar

Mwinyi welcomes ACISP in Zanzibar

ZANZIBAR President Hussein Mwinyi has welcomed the Africa College of Insurance and Social Protection (ACISP) planned establishment in the island, saying its existence will help Zanzibar achieve its goal of becoming a business hub.

The ACISP management was in Zanzibar to introduce and advertise itself to the authorities, as it plans to establish a branch here.

Dr Mwinyi promised that the government will cooperate and work with the college.

According to the college management, plans are underway to establish a capacity building center for professionals in the Isles.

President Mwinyi said that despite the fact that Zanzibar remains a business hub; the Island needs to improve various services that will strengthen the economy.

During the meeting, President Mwinyi also agreed to their request to officiate the planned ‘African Insurance Corporation Conference to be held in Zanzibar from January 26th to 28th, 2022 at the Madinat el Bahari Hotel, where more than 300 participants from around the world are ex- pected to attend.

He said by organising the conference on the Isles, it will provide an opportunity for the participants to see various attractions available in the country and thus promote Zanzibar tourism.

Executive Chairman of ACISP Dr Baghayo Abdalla Saqware requested the govern- ment to cooperate with the institution, so that it can establish a center that will train professionals in financial matters.

“The move would provide an opportunity for various organizations around the world to establish their offices in the country.”

At the upcoming meeting of the African Insurance Corporation, Saqware said among other things, the participants will have the opportunity to discuss the business/commercial environment in the ending year (2021) and how to deal with emerging challenges.

The African College of In- surance & Social Protection is located in Dar es Salaam; and was set up in 2020 as an initiative idea of a Pan African College to provide a platform for an ongoing collaborative relationship between scholars, scientists, academicians and industry specialists to guide and steer the development of the insurance and social protection sector in Africa.

Author: DAILYNEWS Reporter in Zanzibar

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