Project improves academic performance in Bukoba

Project improves academic performance in Bukoba

THE Education Sector Improvement Project has been attributed as one of the factors that has improved academic performance in Bukoba District Council.

Implemented by the Voluntary Service Overseas organization (VSO), and the people of Switzerland, the scheme was said to bring positive impact among pupils in the five Wards –namely Maruku, Kemondo, Karabagaine, Katoma and Nyakato.

Also, about 72 mentors (teachers) benefited through the on job training program, it has been revealed as authorities hailed the two development partners over the support.

Bukoba District Executive Director (DED), Ms Fatina Laay made the remarks during the handing over of the   project to the government over the weekend.

"On behalf of the government, I wholeheartedly hail the VSO and the people of Switzerland for their continued support in the education sector,” she said.

Ms Laay also appealed to the residents in Kagera region to turn out in big numbers and take Covid-19 vaccinations, assuring them that the vaccinations were safe.

She argued that vaccines boosts people’s immunity for the body to fight the disease.

Bukoba District Education Officer, Gregory Fabian, on the other hand, explained that about 10 libraries were established in 24 primary schools covered by the project and several classrooms were renovated.

"Before the project was launched in 2013 the pass mark was 53 per cent and then it improved to about 85 per cent. Many pupils could now speak English fluently, "he said.

Ms Hildegarda Manyanga, a teacher at Maiga primary school thanked the Swiss-based Pestallozi Children's Foundation (PCF), which enabled many teachers to get on- job training.

"I worked for almost seven years without any further training. However, with support from   Pestallozi Children's Foundation (PCF), some teachers and I benefitted by getting on-job training skills. This will improve our teaching efficiency," she said.

Pestallozi Children's Foundation (PCF) Project Manager, Ms Serapia Minja, explained that the organization was working in 12 countries worldwide while in Africa it was focusing in three countries-Ethiopia, Mozambique and Tanzania.

In Tanzania, Pestallozi Children's Foundation (PCF) Project was being implemented in three districts namely Karatu, Geita and Mbozi.

Author: Meddy Mulisa in Bukoba

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