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‘Tuimarishe Afya’ project a huge success

‘Tuimarishe Afya’ project a huge success

THE Health Promotion and System Strengthening (HPSS) ‘Tuimarishe Afya’ project has phased out in Lake Zone, leaving remarkable improvements in the availability of medicines and medical equipment as well quality health services provision in general.

The Project which has been jointly implemented by Tanzanian and Switzerland governments kicked- off last year in Simiyu, Mara and Shinyanga regions, aimed at provision of quality health services at an affordable charges, only 30,000/- to six people in a household.

Speaking over the weekend during the project winding up eveny, HPSS Consultant in Lake Zone, Mr Andrea Katamiti said: “Tuimarishe Afya kicked off in 2014 in Dodoma, Morogoro and Shinyanga regions as a pilot project. It was successful, a situation that led in to extension of the project in Lake Zone, last year. We want it to be sustainable in all Councils to make all Tanzanians have access to affordable health services.” He urged the councils to encourage members of the community to join the CHF since all the challenges, including shortage of medicines in health centers have already been addressed.

“There should be at-least 30 percent of an increase in year,” he proposed.

CHF Coordinator in Shinyanga, Md Lyidia Kwegabo said that a total of 62,000 households have joined the Fund so far (since 2014), but some have been failing to renew their insurance cards. Only 29, 000 households are valid CHF members, affirmed the Coordinator, adding that: “The other challenges are trained officers for CHF members registration to quit the job without a notice and some valid members have been not recognized by the system.” Acting In-Charge for Shinyaga Regional Hospital, Dr Daniel Mzee stressed that shortage of medices is no longer a challenge, calling up on citizens to join the CHF that assures quality medical treatment at minimal charges.

Gracing the event, Deputy Regional Administrative Secretary, Mr Chilla Moses, said that it was CHF members’ contributions which supported improvements in the availability of medicines and medical equipment, calling up many more citizens to join the Fund.

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