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Somehow I think Limatunda is mad at us

Somehow I think Limatunda is mad at us

DEAR nephew Milambo

GREETINGS from the land of people who fear rains more than they fear speeding vehicles.

I hope that all the folks in Ukumbisiganga are doing fine, and that the powers of Limatunda has been watching over all of you people, and I assure you that I miss all of you.

I hope that your young family is doing okay, and I hope that by the grace of Liwelelo we will meet again at the end of this year, and I can assure you that your aunt is looking forward to that too.

Here in the big city, life is not bad, and as always the sun is terrorising us like crazy, and when we get a little respite of some breeze, we thank the ancestors for being kind to us.

Your aunt sends her warm regards to you and your family, and she told me to assure you that you should rest assured that because we promised to come over in December, then that promise is still standing, and soon we will be able to meet again, if Limatunda wishes.

Here in the confused city we are doing okay, and we recently witnessed petty traders demolishing their structures voluntarily after the order came from the prefect of this great city. You see son, this action caught many by surprise, and for a good reason too, because this group of people have been a tough nut to crack over the years, and many prefects have always failed to come up with a lasting solution.

Apart from creating havoc and invading any available space on road reserves, these people have always given the authorities a very hard time when it comes to getting rid of them, so it is surprising that this time around they did the demolitions on their own.

Anyway, I was informed that the ancestors finally recalled mzee Athumani to their presence, and although his passing saddened me greatly, I know that he is in a better place.

I know the ancestors are going to cherish his wise cracks and his timely wisdom and I hope that they will be kind to him and grant him eternal peace, because if you ask me, he deserves it. You know up to now no one is really sure of the exact age of that old man, because as long as I can remember, he has been a dominant presence from the time we were growing up.

There is someone who said that the old man might be close to 115 years, because judging by the events imprinted in his old mind, no one has come up to refute these allegations.

You see my son; I hope that one day you will also live to a ripe old age where you will get the opportunity to hold your sons and grandsons before the ancestors call you home, because that is a bonus from the gods.

At my age, I thank Liwelelo for continuing to protect me, and I hope that I will also live to be 100 years at least; although that is a far dream with the kind of lives we are living nowadays.

My dear nephew, living to be an old man in the city is a very big gamble, because if diseases don’t get you, then there are road accidents, and if that does not knock you out and send you unceremoniously to your ancestors, then there are natural calamities, but if you evade those ones too, then pray to Limatunda that the young men called thugs do not dim your lights! I hope that back in Ukumbisiganga you have heard of the latest calamity from the gods called Coronavirus, which, in my opinion, is a sign that the gods are angry at us.

My dear son, when I came to this city back then, I was met with a certain disease called Aids, and I was informed that this phenomenon was wreaking havoc in all corners of the world.

I know when you came here you also got a glimpse into this strange disease, and that for one to get it one must have been involved sexually with someone who is infected. But I know that from your short experience in this city, you got to realise that these people in this city are very brave, because with the lives they live, it is obvious that they do not fear the disease.

Now this Covid-19 disease has now struck, and believe me my son, according to the reports we get every day, it simply means that Aids is like a child’s play to this new disease!

I know that Aids kills you a very slow death, but this new disease I am told does not give you a chance to ask for a glass of water, it comes with such fury that leaves your relatives no time to say goodbye.

I am even told that the great white scientists are also scratching their heads trying to figure out what exactly has hit them, because this strange disease strikes very fast.

I asked your aunt whether it can puzzle the great mfumus in Tabora, and she assured me that even the mfumus in that place called Nigeria have folded their tails and run for cover, because their medicines are like juice to a child.

Just the other day, I and your aunt almost left town and come over to Ukumbisiganga for good after reports filtered in that the funerals we attended when several neighbours kicked the bucket were caused by that strange disease.

There was panic all over the place, but when later were informed that it was a force alarm, we had no option but to go and celebrate, and as I am writing this letter to you, I am still sipping a cold beer left over from that wild celebration!

When I was growing up, I remember my mother (may Limatunda grant her peace) took me to our local mfumu for our traditional vaccination, and I have all the marks to prove this, but here in the city we are urged every day to go for vaccination against this strange disease…. I am yet to convince your aunty.

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