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Moshi residents lacking  business creativity skills

Moshi residents lacking business creativity skills

MANY of Moshi municipality and its outskirts residents are said to lack business creativity skills. Investigations carried out by the author for quite sometimes have further revealed that most of the business undertakings conducted in this town are more or less copy business or duplications from others.

This town and its outskirts is now full of businesses, which are of the similar nature with very few of the residents creating a new type of business undertaking.

Count it from businesses like hardware, electrical and electronics, computer skills, merchants, retail, wholesalers, renting of houses, stationeries, bars, groceries, tourists, tuition schools up to petrol filling stations all these businesses are copied from one place to another.

Coming to bar and groceries businesses the situation is very alarming as these investigations have revealed that in some streets found in Moshi town after every two residential houses the third one is a bar or a grocery.

Streets like Kenyatta Street in Kiusa Ward, the strip of Taifa Road from Kiborloni Kwa Alphonce to Mnazi Mmoja, Majengo Kwa Mtei and Ngangamfumuni area all these places are full of bars and groceries within a stone throw.

This type of replica was also found in the newly constructed plots unit engulfing Majengo Football Ground, Mbuyuni Market and even at Ushirika Stadium located within the campuses of Moshi Cooperative University (MoCU).

When asked to comment on this trend a Prominent Business Analyst who holds a Degree in Business Administration from Mzumbe University, Mr Innocent Marandu said what is happening in Moshi town is not business as such but rather copying from one another and outsmarting each other at any cost.

Marandu said through his stay in this town for more than 35 years now he had noticed none like business creativity among residents of Moshi but rather copying of business undertakings from one another.

He said to him it was funny for example to note that if one starts a stationery and secretarial services business undertaking somewhere and be observed to be having a lot of customers the next day another resident of Moshi will open up a similar business very close to the former something which he said was more or less scrambling for customers and sharing whatever is there in the market.

“I cannot call this entrepreneurship but rather copying from one another,” said Marandu adding that such a practice is found in almost all business undertakings in Moshi.

Coming to tour operators the same was observed with these investigations and in one of the streets it was found out that some residents have opened up tour operators businesses which were very much near or adjacent to each other a very good example being a strip measuring hardly 100 meters along Viwanda Road where there were eight in number of such business undertakings.

When reached to comment on this trend of duplicating tour operators business and its congestion in one place a Prominent Tour Operator based in Moshi, Mr Honest Kessy said most of the so called tour operating firms found in Moshi will soon die naturally as many of the owners of such firms lack the knowledge on how to handle tourists adding that the same are just fly catchers.

When asked to elaborate on the terminology of fly catchers he said fly catchers are just mere people who chase and disturb tourists or any foreigners found walking on the streets of Moshi preferably from the Western Countries thereby seducing or forcing them to climb Mt Kilimanjaro or goes on wildlife safaris in Manyara, Ngorongoro, Serengeti or Tarangire national parks.

“These fly catchers are a nuisance to tourists who earlier have booked with other prominent tour operators found in Moshi. What these fly catchers are doing is to offer cheap prices to the tourists all ending in offering poor services or even robbing the said tourists all their belongings in some incidences” said Mr Kessy calling upon the relevant authorities to intervene to serve tourists from such an embarrassments.

When reached to comment on this tendency of copying business from each other a Prominent Hardware Businessman in Moshi Mr Forget Nicholous who have been in this business for more than 25 years said to a bigger extent this tendency was very much contributed by lack of education and exposure which prevails among many of the so called rich people found in Moshi town.

Nicholous said to the best of his knowledge many of the business tycoons (call them that way) found in Moshi lack education, knowledge and exposure to how to carry out different types of business undertakings.

Going into details on this he said these business tycoons found in Moshi have never been exposed to what others are doing in other towns like Dar, Mwanza or Arusha adding that even their education background leaves much behind to be desired not forgetting the fact that these tycoons found in this town have never gone or travelled beyond Moshi town in their whole lives.

Commenting on the congestion of shops selling the same products in one area and along the same streets in Moshi he said most of the same businesses will die soon as the number of such shops does not at all tally with the number of the would be customers visiting these shops daily.

He further said it is very alarming to note that even the aisles and fire escaping ways formerly found in streets like Riadha, Liwali, Chagga, Kawawa and Kiusa have now been closed and turned into shops selling more or less the same products/goods or merchants.

“It is now hardware, wholesaler, retail, electrical and electronics accessories being sold after every two steps. Who are the buyers? This trend will lead us to nowhere except to a situation whereby we will be robbing one another through hiking of prices to the few customers who will be visiting these business undertakings” he said when commenting on the survival of owners of such shops.

Elaborating further he said an item selling at let’s say 15,000/- will see itself being sold to the customer at starting price of 25,000/- meaning a compromise when reached in between will make the seller always at an advantage over the customer. Siding with Nicholous was another resident of Moshi who is a Building Contractor Mr Joachim Mushi who said having realized what is happening in some of the Moshi shops he now normally buys his building materials in Arusha rather than in Moshi.

Mr Moshi said prices of building materials in Moshi are more expensive than in Arusha only a distance of 80 kilometers apart. Citing an example he said at one time he was looking for a hydraulic door closer of which the same was selling at 10,000/- in Arusha while the same was selling at 15,000/- in Moshi.

“Very funny, the same hydraulic door closer (Chinese Make) selling at 10,000/- in Arusha and 15,000/- in Moshi this must be day light robbery” said Mr Mushi, concluding that the problem of Moshi residents is that everyone is a seller while few are buyers.

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Author: LYAMUYA STANLEY in Moshi


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    Nice piece. I will be interested in reading the Author's /expert's views on what should be done to turn this tide around. How do we stimulate creativity in a town that boasts of so many business owners "outside" Moshi. There is even an old adage... "If you arrive at a new remote place and you find there is no "mChagga" - run out of that place..."

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