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Kagera gets 14.2bn/- for classrooms construction

Kagera gets 14.2bn/- for classrooms construction

KAGERA Regional Commissioner (RC), Major General Charles Mbuge has directed District Executive Directors (DEDs) in all eight councils to ensure value for money on construction of classrooms.

Equally, he tasked engineers to choose competent contractors who will complete the task before the end of December this year.

Elaborating, he said the region received a total of 14.180bn/- from the central government for the construction of 709 classrooms.

Mr Mbuge explained that, while the region's requirements for classrooms stood at 1,153 but it has only 444 classrooms (38.5 per cent), thus facing a shortage of 709 classrooms (about 61.5 per cent).

"We must work day and night to ensure the classrooms are completed before December 30th, this year to accommodate all students who will be selected to join Form One, next year," he said.

"All the councils should ensure value for the money and no excuses will be entertained," he warned.

Citing breakdown, Mr Mbuge said  Muleba Council requirements for classrooms stood at 317  while  it currently has  109   thus facing shortage of 204  classrooms. The Council received a total of 4.160bn/- for implementing the exercise.

Biharamulo Council needs  136 classrooms and it has only 45 of them thus facing a shortage of   91 classrooms. The council has been given a total of 1.820bn/- for curbing the shortage.

Bukoba DC   is facing a shortage of 85 classrooms while its actual need is 149 and the government has allocated  a total of 1.7bn/-  for addressing the problem

Karagwe DC also has a shortage of 80 classrooms and it has been given 1.6bn/-  for construction of classrooms  while Kyerwa DC  needs 85  classrooms  to meet its actual need of classrooms. It has received 1.700bn/-.

According to Mr Mbuge, Missenyi DC requirements for classrooms stood at 94 while it has only 41   with shortage of 53 classrooms. The Council received a total of 1.060bn/- .

Ngara   DC needs 119 classrooms but to date it has only 42 of them with shortage of 77 classrooms. The council has received a total of 1.540bn/- .

Bukoba Municipal Council is facing a shortage of 77 classrooms to  meet  the demand of 119  classrooms, it has been given  1.540bn/-.

Author: MEDDY MULISA in Bukoba   

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