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Ruvuma targets 38pc increase in cashew production

Ruvuma targets 38pc increase in cashew production

RUVUMA region through Tunduru Agriculture and Marketing Cooperative Union (Tamcu Ltd) has planned to produce and sell 25,000 tonnes of cashew nuts in 2021/2022 season.

Tunduru Cahewnut  Board Manager Shauri Mokiwa said  recently that,  the  planned  production is an increase of  38 per cent   compared to 2020/2021   season  where  a total of 15,410,551  tonnes of cashew nuts  were  collected  through warehouse receipt  system.

 Mr Mokiwa explained that in 2020/2021 season the production of cashewnuts dropped compared to 2019/2020 where a total 24,624,284 kilogrammes were collected and sold which is a decrease of 9,213,679kgs.

He said that the drop was due to failure to produce 30,000,000 kgs of the actual target from various areas producing cashewnut in the region.

Mr Mokiwa  also said that all the cashew nuts  which were collected  were sold through auctions  and bought  by  people who were not registered by the  board  at a price of 2,445/- and 2,020/-  for  first grade  and 1,645  and 1,420/-  for second grade.

He said that, a total of 33,088,547,389/-  was  collected  of which 29,297,551,853.00bn/-  was channeled  to farmers  and 3,790,995,546/- was paid to other stakeholders  who  provide services  to farmers.

Tunduru District Commissioner Julius Mtatiro called on all people who buy cashew nuts through illegal ways commonly known as kangomba to stop immediately, insisting that the government was well organized to end all acts intended to affect purchase of the cash crop.

The DC  said that the government  would ensure that  cashews  produced  during the 2021 season  are sold  through the warehouse  receipt system  and not otherwise.

"These measures aimed at  supporting and  protecting  farmers  who spend  much time  in production  because  the illegal buyers  cause the farmers  to fail  to attain  their  objectives  and increase efficiency,"  he said.

He said through security and defense committee, his office is well organised to end sabotage   in the entire process of auctioning cashewnuts.

Mr Mtatiro   who is a  chairman for  security and defense committee, warned,  workers and  traders  to avoid  falling into trouble by buying  the cash crop  contrary to the warehouse receipt  system.

He called them to be part of educating farmers on the importance of using Agricultural Marketing Co-operative Society (AMCOS) in their respective areas to sell their cashews and other crops recommended to be purchased through warehouse receipt system.

Mr   Mtatiro said that,  they would continue  to oversee  the selling of  cashews  through warehouse receipt  system  which have proved to be beneficial to farmers  since its inception.


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