NARCO leases 25 pc of its land to pastoralists to check conflicts

NARCO leases 25 pc of its land to pastoralists to check conflicts

THE National Ranching Company (NARCO) has leased 25 per cent of its land to pastoralists in an effort to alleviate conflicts between herders and other land users, while also promising to work with other investors interested in the ranches.

Outgoing Board Chairperson Paul Kimiti said they were able to oversee and ensure that pastoralists in the country were given land on contracts at the ranches so that they could graze their livestock and boost the country's livestock sector during the last session of the NARCO board of directors in Dodoma yesterday.

“We have assigned roughly 75 per cent of the ranch areas, and the remaining 25 per cent has been leased to pastoralists throughout the country who are in need of grazing pastures,” Mr Kimiti explained.

He noted that the NARCO board of directors has been able to ensure that national ranch areas have been demarcated to prevent encroachment over the past three years, and that the exercise is still proceeding in other regions that have not yet been designated.

NARCO Director General Professor Peter Msoffe said the outgoing NARCO board of directors created the framework for monitoring the size of the ranch areas, loans, and other issues that have helped NARCO gain greater success.

Prof Msoffe stated that the board has directed NARCO to guarantee that it remains in touch with investors who have been granted blocks on NARCO ranches and to look for ways to strengthen the contracts, so that both parties’ benefit.

With at least 14 well established ranches scattered in different regions, NARCO has a key role to produce improved livestock species, as well as other vital animal-related products.

A total of 120 giant and 200 small scale investors are currently with diverse contracts with the state-owned company in different regions.

Some members of the outgoing NARCO board of directors, for their part, said that the firm was able to considerably address issues between pastoralists and other land users by opting to lease blocks on NARCO ranches so that pastoralists may graze their sheep.

They also stated that NARCO has been breeding high-quality livestock, with consumers being asked to purchase cattle and goats to ensure that the best breeds of animals are produced in the country.

They have also urged investors to invest in NARCO ranches for grazing, building dips, and other infrastructure so that the ranches' livestock can have added value.


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