Tanzania favours serious investor in agriculture

Tanzania favours serious investor in agriculture

TANZANIA has an area of 945,000 square kilometres (365,000 sq mi) with inland lakes covering 6 percent of that (59,000 square kilometres (23,000 sq mi) that implies it has a vast arable land, vital as an asset in ensuring food security, above all a potential a serious investor can exploit.

Coupled with peace and tranquility in the country, a serious investor would enjoy free movement, trade and cultivation of his crop(s) to feed the industries currently mushrooming in the country.

Once investing in Tanzania, a serious investor should rest assured of Investment guarantees, and settlement of disputes in amicably and professional way in a large ready market and a competitive advantage.

The Government of Tanzania (GOT) generally has a favorable attitude toward foreign direct investment (FDI) and has had considerable success in attracting FDI. In 2012, FDI into Tanzania rose to over USD 1.1 billion, the highest in East Africa.

There are no laws or regulations that limit or prohibit foreign investment, participation, or control, and firms generally do not restrict foreign participation.

A quick look would make an investor realize that Tanzania is largely selfsufficient in food production of several traditional and cash crops, which include coffee, sisal, tobacco, tea, cashewnuts and pyrethrum.

Here the food crops, among others are maize, paddy, wheat, sorghum, millet, cassava, beans, sweet potatoes and bananas, besides fruits one would dream about in life.

Equally, the soil types vary drastically throughout the country and there are six main types of soil types notably, Volcanic that is predominantly in the northern highland regions; Sandy found in the coastal regions and used mainly for grazing also.

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