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Ulanga investment forum kicks off next Friday

Ulanga investment forum kicks off next Friday

THE investment forum is expected to kick off in Ulanga district, Morogoro on 22nd to 25th this month with the aim of supporting the government to boost development.

This was revealed by Ulanga District Commissioner, Ms Ngollo Malenya in Dar es Salaam adding that the two-day event will take place at Mapinduzi grounds.

“This forum was organized with the participation of the people of Ulanga to highlight the opportunities available and to promote individual income and the nation as a whole,” she stressed.

Ms Malenya further said the forum will highlight the opportunities available in the district through key sectors including mining, tourism, agriculture, traditions and culture aimed to boost the national economy.

She added that investment is important for improving productivity and increasing the competitiveness of the economy. The the forum is going in line with the slogan ‘Ulanga Iherepe’ (Amazing Ulanga).

In the mining sector, the forum will be accompanied by exhibitions including mining research, as well as opportunities of using modern technology from investors among licensed miners. Also, to provide loans to boost miner’s capital.

“In Ulanga district there are several minerals found including graphite which are exclusive to Morogoro and Mtwara only in the country as well as ruby gold among others,” she said.

According to her in the agriculture sector, there are 200,000 hectares which are valuable for agricultural activities, which can support crops like Macadamia, sesame seeds and vanilla.

It will, equally promote local tourism through available attractions including historical sites Mwalimu Nyerere National Park and forest reserves.

“Tourism is vital for the success of many economies as it boosts the revenue of the economy, creates thousands of jobs, and develops the infrastructures of a country,” she said.

Elaborating, she said the Investment forum would promote trade opportunities and facilitate access to finance, mobilise investments and strengthen regional value chains.

DC Malenya has called on stakeholders and the public in general to come out at large in the coming forum.


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