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History of 144 year old baobab tree in Bagamoyo

History of 144 year old baobab tree in Bagamoyo

Many stories are told about the baobab tree which is considered to be one of the oldest species in Bagamoyo-the historic town in the Coast Region.
The Daily News reporter visited the old Catholic Mission church in Bagamoyo and found the following history about the tree. 
The seed of the tree was brought from Reunion Island by Father Anthony Horner (CSSP) who planted it in 1868 to mark the beginning of Bagamoyo Catholic Mission.
 "In 1895, a French nurse (volunteer) Madme de Chevallier who was working at a dispensary in Zanzibar arrived in Bagamoyo Mission to help the missionaries in taking care of patients.
She fixed a chain on this baobab and used it to tie her donkey when she was going to work in the mission hospital
The tree grew and become thicker and thicker hence caused original part of the chain to be swallowed. A single ring of the original chain which is seen at a distance is a part of a forgotten chain.
In 2012, thirty four (34) rings of the chain were added in order to preserve the history of the time the circumference of the baobab tree was measured at 13:00 meters.
The tree is growing and delivers edible fruits annually."

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