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TZ commits for timely EAC fees settlement

TZ commits for timely EAC fees settlement

THE Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs and East Africa Community, Ambassador Mbarouk Nassor Mbarouk has said Tanzania was committed to honour all her obligations to the East African Community, including timely subscription fees to the regional bloc.

Speaking at a news conference at AICC in Arusha yesterday, the deputy minister insisted that Tanzania has been honoring its obligations to the regional bloc, including timely settling of annual remittances.

“Tanzania has settled all its dues to the regional bloc,” Amb Mbarouk noted, while also clarifying that no EAC operations or activities have been paralysed as a result of failure by some of the EAC partner states to settle their remittances.

“My understanding is that most of the EAC member states have committed to settle their financial and material obligation soon,” the deputy minister, who was flanked by the AICC Acting Managing Director, Mr Savo Mung’ong’o, noted.

He was responding to a question that speculated that operations at the East Africa community paralysed as a result of failure by some of EAC member states failing to settle their annual subscription remittances in time.

On the issue of delays of adjudications of cases at the East African Court of Justice due to lack of resident judges, the deputy minister noted that partner states were consulting on the matter to see the possibility of having resident judges at the court.

On the issue of assisting AICC to continue to host international events including those from the government, the deputy minister said the ministry was doing all it can to ensure that AICC continues with its role as a prime conference facility.

“Our prime role is to ensure that we modernise the present venue facility and in future, we will want to build a more modern facility,” the deputy minister noted, saying his visit was part of the mission to understand what they are doing and their challenges.

Amb Mbarouk is on the two-day visit of Arusha region. He has so far met with Arusha Regional Commissioner, John Mongela, and Secretary General of EAC Dr Peter Mathuki, President of the East African Court of Justice, Justice Nestor Kayobera and Management of the AICC.

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Author: ASSAH MWAMBENE in Arusha

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