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Govt up in arms over misused health project vehicles

Govt up in arms over misused health project vehicles

THE government is conducting assessment of efficiency brought by vehicles donated to various health projects in the country.

The move comes after it dawned to the government that 75 per cent of the vehicles donated have been misallocated to other programmes and only 25 per cent serve the target.

Minister for Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, Dr Dorothy Gwajima, gave the directive here during a ceremony of handing over six vehicles for environment cleanliness to regions.

"You must take care of these vehicles and use them for the intended purpose. I will make close follow up on them,” she insisted

She said the government is not impressed by some of the councils that have misused the vehicles for health projects, where almost 75 per cent of the programmes that the vehicles served were not health related.

Dr Gwajima was quick to elaborate despite that they wanted team work with other departments; they would have also ensured that the vehicles cater for the needs in health programmes.

She said such tendency has been delaying implementation of the health projects, thus failure to meet the targets set and ultimately people consider that government has failed to monitor and control the projects.

Dr Gwajima wanted them to keep records of the vehicle uses and report to the needed authorities.

The ministry, she said, is implementing the sustainable water and environmental health aimed at improving the water access and environment sustainability in 17 regions countrywide.

She named the region as  Kagera, Mwanza, Mara, Simiyu, Shinyanga, Geita, Tabora, Katavi, Singida, Rukwa, Songwe, Iringa, Manyara, Ruvuma, Lindi and Mtwara.

Apart from the vehicles, she said, the government has bought and handed over 138 vehicles to ward health officers as a measure to address transport challenges to deliver services to remote areas.

Coordinator of the National Sanitation and Hygiene campaign, Mr Anyitike Mwakitalima, said apart from purchasing the vehicles at 646m/- in this financial year, the government plans to buy five more others in the next fiscal year.

He mentioned the regions that were provided with the vehicles as Kagera, Mwanza, and Mara. Shinyanga, Geita and Simiyu.

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