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Stop being hired to smuggle goods, bodaboda riders warned

Stop being hired to smuggle goods, bodaboda riders warned

MULEBA District Commissioner (DC), Toba Nguvila, has warned boda boda riders to stop being hired in transporting and smuggling illegal goods across the borders, and instead concentrate on decent activities.

Addressing some 98 bodaboda riders, mostly the youth in a seven-day training on road safety guidelines in the area, he said that once one is caught in the crime, the law would take its course.

"In recent weeks police have seized a big number of motorcycles…where boda boda riders are being accused of transporting smuggled goods including illegal fish to a neighbouring country. This is very risky and instead, you engage in productive activities including agriculture," he said.

Mr Nguvila further said that the region has vast fertile and suitable soil arable land for agriculture, which the youth should exploit to form cooperative groups as a source of livelihood.

"The region's economic infrastructure has been tremendously improved and strategic investments are being made for further improvements. Roads are in good condition and are easily passable in all seasons, why not exploit these instead of trying to be in crime?” he posed.

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Author: MEDDY MULISA in Bukoba  

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