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All teams served by Azam sponsorship, TPLB

All teams served by Azam sponsorship, TPLB

The Tanzania Premier League Board (TPLB) has admitted that all top-flight league envoys have received their portion from Television broadcaster Azam Media Limited in the upcoming season.
This was disclosed by the board's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Almasi Kasongo on Tuesday in Dar es Salaam who said the gesture would enable competing teams to prepare well.
"We are grateful to Azam Media Limited for providing the first part of their television rights amount to all the clubs which will parade in the contest next term, and this has boosted their preparations," he said.
Moreover, Kasongo narrated those discussions to find the next title sponsor of the league are proceeding well such that any time, they will unveil them.
"So far, we have at least three sponsors who are interested in joining us in running the league for the coming season and talks with them are moving on well. Soon, they will be publicly named.
"I believe that we will have a very competitive league next season based on how teams are preparing themselves for the showdown, and as TPLB, we are ready for the new season," he said.
He also pointed out that lately, the board has been busy running a number of training sessions to coaches, referees, club managers, commissioners, and general coordinators to equip them with the necessary skills before the season kicks off.
On the underway exercises to inspect premier league hosting venues across the country, Kasongo said they expect to receive a final report soon from the club licensing committee, which is doing the inspection works.
"I think this week, we are going to get the final report from them and thereafter, we will communicate with the public to let them know which venues will be declared unfit to host league matches until the further upgrade.
"In order to trade in the league, a club must have a license which is provided when they have attained all the five criteria required in the Article of running the league," he said.
A few days ago, Kasongo observed that lack of advanced technology is among the major setback facing referees in the developing countries as they 100 per cent rely on their eyes other than Video Assistant Referees (VAR) as implored by developed nations.
The 2021/22 Premier League season is scheduled to begin on September 27th with 16 teams ready to splint to the marathons finishing line where the big award is waiting.


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